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Job Locations Gladwyne
GLADWYNE, PA (LOCAL CANDIDATES PREFERRED)- Warm and kind family 30 minutes from Philadelphia seeks a FULL-TIME NANNY for their sweet 3.5-year-old daughter with special needs from 8:30am-5:30pm Monday-Friday. The hours may change in the evening +\- 1 hour if opportunities arise such as special needs music class at 5:15PM or if parents are home early and don’t need the extra hands.   Their daughter has global developmental delays, is non-verbal, and has mild epilepsy. She has multiple therapies throughout the day. She is adorable and funny! While she is nonverbal, she communicates well. Her current schedule consists of attending therapy or school from 9-10:30am, playground/other activity from 11-12:30pm, nap from 1:30-3:30pm, and therapy/activity from 4-5:30pm.   Typical caregiver duties include driving to and from therapies/activities/school in a punctual manner; dressing for the day and changing for naps, as well as having backup clothes packed and ready in the car; putting on ankle braces and shoes; administering medication on occasion; preparing lunches and snacks for the child, and helping implement strategies from feeding therapist and speech therapists; changing diapers (pull-ups); keeping backpack ready to go and clean- prepping for next day/replenish whatever is needed; keeping inventory of child’s items; and occasionally helping with bathing and bedtime routine if parents are out. The nanny will also be responsible for practicing and implementing therapies, participating in therapy sessions when required; helping support the child in the classroom; keeping a clear line of communication between parents, therapists, and admin, and working together as a united front to ensure everyone is on the same page and working in the same direction to aid in the child’s growth and development.   Mom stays home and is working to create a specific curriculum for her daughter in a privatized environment. She is busy with meetings throughout the day, as well as caring for their other two children (a 10-month-old and 5-year-old) who are primarily under the care of mom and a dedicated live-in nanny. While care is NOT required for the other children, they will be in the home and interact on occasion. Although mom is in the home at times, she is looking for someone who can step in and own the position instead of waiting for her to provide instruction. Someone who has autonomy, can work independently and understands the importance of their role to provide complete care for their child so that mom can focus on projects, care for her other kids and keep the household running smoothly.   They seek a nanny who is trustworthy, responsible, and a self-starter. Someone who is proactive, punctual, and RELIABLE. The ideal candidate is a team player, who can be warm and silly, and is dedicated and timely. Someone who is a true professional, drama-free, and doesn’t bring their personal life with them to work. Special needs experience is preferred but not required. Someone who has the right mindset and the heart behind it will excel. Must be fully vaccinated for COVID, the flu, tdap, and all other general vaccines, as their child is medically complex. They have 3 cats in the home, so no allergies!   Pay is $30+/hour depending on experience. Benefits include paid sick days, holidays, 2 weeks of paid vacation and performance-based bonuses. Start date ASAP.
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Job Locations US-CT-Greenwich
GREENWICH, CT (LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY) - Amazing family seeking a FULL-TIME LIVE-OUT NANNY to partner with the parents and Au Pair to balance care of their 2 children (3.5-year-old boy, 2-year-old girl). The hours would be Monday, Tuesday, and Friday 7am-7pm, and Sunday 9 am - 7 pm. The candidate will need to be partnering with the SAHM while the dad is working and commuting to/from the city. There are 2 dogs in the home that do not need much care. Their oldest son is most likely gifted and is highly intelligent and loves intellectual stimulation. The family travels and would need a nanny who is comfortable with swimming with the children. The perfect candidate is a career nanny who will plan activities for the kids and not just turn the tv on, seeking a self-starter. Duties include kids' laundry, light cleaning, running errands, creating stimulating activities, keeping the children engaged, and driving the kids to and from activities. A family car is provided during working hours. This family needs a nanny that is well-rounded and can help the family consistently set boundaries for their children and support the parents.  The candidate would need to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Must be up to date on all vaccinations (tdpap, flu, Covid, MMR). The candidate needs to have a passport or willingness to get one. Start date is ASAP. Pay is $25-35/hr, gross.
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Job Locations US-CA-San Francisco
SAN FRANCISCO, CA (LOCAL CANDIDATES PREFERRED)-Wonderful family in Noe Valley seeks a FULL-TIME NANNY who can help care for and monitor their 3-year-old son who was recently diagnosed with type-1 diabetes from 8:30/9am-5pm Monday-Friday. He attends preschool from 8:30/9am-3:30/4pm Monday-Friday. They seek a responsible caregiver who can stay within close proximity of his school while he is there to help monitor his blood sugar levels and administer insulin as needed. If it turns out there is meaningful downtime during the day, which is expected after the first few months once they get a better hang of monitoring him, the role may involve more household management duties such as running an errand, researching swim classes/activities, going grocery shopping, etc.   The nanny will be asked to pick him up at 8:30-9am, take him to pre-school, stay near the preschool to administer insulin around mealtimes as needed (but not stay in the classroom), drive him home after school (anywhere from 3:30-4:30pm) and help with some cooking / meal-planning until 4:30-5PM depending on the day. At least to start, until they get more comfortable with monitoring his disease, they ask that the nanny close to the school (there is a coffee shop nearby) to help him if there is either a high or low alert for his blood sugar and count the carbs he is eating at lunch and snack time to ensure he is getting proper diabetes care. Parents would provide ample training in how to do this. No prior diabetes experience is required but would be an added plus!   Their son is curious, charismatic, energetic, and loves tinkering. He can be shy around new people, but once he warms up, he is very silly and loving. They have a 1-year-old son as well who does not require care, as they have a second nanny who is dedicated to him and also helps with many household duties/cleaning. The position is ideally live out, but they are open to a live-in nanny for the right person. Because their son is immunocompromised, they are only considering candidates who are fully vaccinated for COVID, the flu, and all general vaccines. Preference for candidates whose household does not work in a hospital or healthcare setting where they have exposure to illness due to their son’s compromised immune system.   They seek a loving caregiver who is RESPONSIBLE and pays strong attention to detail.  Managing their son’s diabetes requires counting the carbs of the food he is eating and looking up carb counts. For example, a cup of cooked rice is different from a cup of dry rice. Parents will of course train in this, but are looking for a detail-oriented person, who is proactive and has great communication skills. The ideal candidate is tech-savvy and has a desire and willingness to learn. Someone who has basic math skills (addition and subtraction) to count carbs and dose with the right amount of insulin. Must be willing to administer shots on occasion if his pump doesn’t work (he cooperates and does not resist them!).   Given that the primary purpose of the role is to be available to help maintain their son's blood sugar level, they are open to someone who is enrolled in online courses during the day and allowing the caregiver to spend all of the time their son is in school study/working instead of doing household management responsibilities for a slightly lesser rate.    Pay is $35-40/hour. Benefits include paid sick days, holidays and vacation. Start date is ASAP!
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Job Locations US-VA-Chantilly
CHANTILLY, VA (LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY)-Wonderful parents 45 minutes outside of Washington, DC, seek a FULL-TIME TEMPORARY NANNY for their two boys, ages 2 and 5 years from February-September 2023. The hours are from 7am-4:30pm Monday-Friday. The five-year-old will be in preschool full-time, except for sick days and school holidays. The nanny may be asked to take him to/from school occasionally, but it is unlikely. Primarily responsibility is for the two-year-old. During the summer, care will be required for both children full-time. Duties complete childcare, light meal prep (lunches), as well as tidying up when there is downtime such as picking up toys and spot-cleaning the kitchen after lunch. The boys are sweet, playful and love to have fun! They seek a nanny who is engaging, active, sweet and nurturing. Someone who isn’t afraid to play with them on their level and be silly with them! Pay is $25-27/hour + OT. Benefits include paid vacation. Start date is ASAP!
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Job Locations US-KS-Topeka
TOPEKA, KS (LOCAL CANDIDATES PREFERRED)- Lovely first-time parents seek a FULL-TIME NANNY for their newborn baby, who is expected to arrive in mid-February. The child will be 2-3 months at the time of start. Hours are from 8am-4:30pm Monday-Friday. They are looking for a professional nanny with newborn/infant care experience who can provide complete care for their child first and foremost. Additional duties include laundry for the baby and basic tidying up. They have a sweet Golden Retriever (no dog allergies!) that does not require care other than being let out on occasion. They enjoy taking extended weekend trips to Colorado and sometimes Mexico and would love a nanny who is open to traveling with them on occasion. The ideal candidate is versed in infant care and knowledgeable of milestones and development. Someone who has a background in teaching or early childhood education is preferred. Being bilingual is a plus! Benefits include paid sick days, holidays and vacation.  Pay is $25-30/hour. Start date is May 2023.
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Job Locations US-CA-Beverly Hills
LOS ANGELES (LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY- High-profile family in Beverly Hills seeks a TEMPORARY WEEKEND NANNY for their four children: two girls, ages 7 and 8, as well as 2-year-old and infant boys Saturday and Sunday for approximately 12 hours each day. Position is LIVE OUT. Start date us ASAP! 
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Job Locations US-NY-Brooklyn
BROOKLYN, NY (LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY)- Wonderful parents seek  FULL-TIME TEMPORARY to help care for their 2-year-old boy. The position is to start as soon as possible and go on until June 30th, with the potential to extend to September. The hours are from 8am-5:30pm Monday-Friday.   Their son is happy as can be! He is sweet, caring, and affectionate. He is a quick learner and loves to practice his ABCs, count past 10, sing songs and play with trucks/cars. Thus, they are looking for a nanny who can interact with him and plan fun, age-appropriate educational activities to keep his curious mind occupied, engaged, and learning! He is energetic and active and loves to run around and play intently with his toys. He frequents the neighborhood park (one block from the family’s home) for several hours per day, weather permitting. Thus, the family seeks a nanny who is playful, energetic, love the outdoors, and can be active with him. The ideal candidate is engaging and proactive and can come up with creative ways to make play an enjoyable learning experience through educational play and by suggesting activities and classes for him to participate in. Additional duties include planning and preparing meals for a typical picky 2-year-old and organizing the playroom and toys. Someone who can collaborate with the parents and can offer the family suggestions in terms of meals, play activities, classes, etc. while always respecting the parents as the ultimate decision-makers.   He attends a morning art class on Tuesday and a music class on Thursday each week. The parents are currently looking for a third class to enroll him in. After a morning in the park or at class he typically comes home for lunch and takes a 1-2 hour nap.  Duties in addition to complete childcare and engagement include meal prep and laundry (for the child only), and light cleaning (loading the dishwasher, picking up and organizing the child’s items to keep the play spaces neat and tidy).  They have a weekly cleaning service, so no heavy cleaning.   The family takes COVID very seriously and seeks a nanny who does the same. Someone who lives a low-risk lifestyle (doesn’t attend crowded concerts, etc.) and is willing to test for COVID each week (family will provide at-home tests). Must be vaccinated for COVID and up to date with the latest covid booster (or open to getting the booster), tdap, and influenza.   Both parent work from home in a dedicated workspace on the third floor of the home (nanny and child are typically on the 1st floor where the kitchen and playroom are). They have cameras in the home that they typically don’t check unless something warrants them to.   Pay is $25-32/hour depending on experience. Benefits include paid sick days, holidays and vacation. The start date is ASAP!
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Job Locations US-NC-Chapel Hill
CHAPEL HILL, NC (LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY)- Fabulous parents seek a FULL-TIME NANNY for their 4-year-old and 17-month-old boys. Hours are from 8am-5pm Monday, 8am-6pm Tuesday-Thursday, and 8am-4pm Friday. Fridays can be flexible (8am-12pm, etc.). They seek a nanny who is flexible to work late in the event that the parents have evening engagements. There will be advanced notice for evenings and can flex another day to compensate for hours.   The eldest is currently in a half-day preschool program from 9am-1pm. He will be in kindergarten starting this fall from 7:45am-2:45pm. The youngest will likely be enrolled in a half-day preschool program come the fall from 9am-12 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and will be home with the nanny Tuesdays and Thursdays full time. If he is enrolled in school, the schedule will be reduced by a few hours per week. If they find a nanny who is versed in early childhood development/education and can provide enrichment and help plan/execute social (playdates) and educational activities, etc., they may not put him in preschool and thus the hours would remain the same. Alternatively, they can continue to offer full-time hours when the youngest is in school if the nanny is willing to help with household management tasks such as the kids’ laundry, home organization, running errands, tidying up, etc., or the workday can shift to a later start and end time. 40-45 hours per week guaranteed. Both children will be out of school May-August.   The nanny will be responsible for taking the children to and from school. There is a 30-minute commute each way to drop off and pick up the eldest in school. The youngest will have a similar pick-up and drop-off schedule. The nanny will also be asked to drive the children to afterschool activities, as well as take them to other activities such as the library, playdates, parks, the pool, etc. A family car is provided. Must have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record. Additional duties include meal and snack prep for the children, as well as helping with bath time.   Parents are looking for a nanny who is focused on their children’s development and education and can come to the job with planned age-appropriate developmental/educational activities. Someone who is enriched in their family and can help with learning activities and preschool education (letter and number recognition, etc.). Must be vaccinated for TDAP, Influenza, COVID, and COVID booster. Both children have low iron and alpha-thalassemia trait. This causes anemia and a weakened immune system. Thus, they seek a nanny who is COVID-cautious and willing to wear a mask indoors and while in the car with children. May be required to do weekly rapid tests. The ideal candidate is already taking precautions to live a COVID-conscious lifestyle and/or is willing to be open and communicative about potential exposure. They seek a nanny who genuinely loves children and is passionate about their career as a nanny. Must be dependable and consistent. They travel as a family a few times per year, both domestically (typically to the beach) and internationally and would love for their nanny to join!   Pay is commensurate with experience. Benefits include paid sick days and holidays. Paid holidays are negotiable. Start date is ASAP!
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Job Locations US-CA-Cupertino
  CUPERTINO, CA ( LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY) - German family seeking a FULL-TIME LIVE-OUT NANNY to assist their 1.5-year-old son who has a physical disability, Pelizaeus-Merzbacher-Syndrome. The family is seeking someone who has experience with someone with disabilities to shadow the son as extra support and aid while he attends daycare. The perfect candidate is someone who knows how to react to other children asking questions, has extra patience, and an understanding of a strong family background.    Some duties outside of the daycare setting would include being willing to take care of the children's laundry at home and thinking through a menu for the week. Additional household management duties would be appreciated. Mom is a former nanny and understands the value it will bring to her son and their home. Even if the hours at daycare a not a full 40, the family guarantees full-time pay. The family has a 5-year-old daughter that may need occasional care after school, however, she is very independent.    Start date is the end of February/Early March. Hours are 8 am - 4 pm, Monday - Friday. Vaccinations are preferred, but not required. Experience with special needs is a plus, but not required. Pay is $35/hr.
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Job Locations US-MD-Baltimore
BALTIMORE, MD (LOCAL CANDIDATES PREFERRED)- Incredible parents in Fells Point seek a FULL-TIME NANNY/FAMILY ASSISTANT for their 23-month-old girl (age at the time of start). The hours are from 7:30am-6pm Monday-Thursday and from 7:30am-4pm Fridays, plus flexibility for occasional weekends (approximately once a quarter) and overnights (~3 per year). They travel as a family domestically (Hilton Head) and internationally about twice per year and would love for their nanny to join but it is not required. There may also be times that they travel without the nanny and are happy to offer those weeks “off.”   Starting in September, their daughter will be in school for half of the day Monday-Friday. The nanny will be responsible for taking her to and from school. The school is less than a block away from the family’s home and is an easy walk! It is preferred that the nanny have their own car to transport the child to her activities (currently enrolled in gymnastics), but it is not a firm requirement, as they live in a very walkable neighborhood and the child loves to go on walks! Their neighborhood is in the heart of historic Baltimore which has a quaint feel while also providing the convenience of being walkable to stores, parks, our pool, library, etc.    The primary duty, first and foremost, is complete childcare. This entails planning and engaging their daughter with educational activities and being active and outdoors with her. She enjoys walks, reading, and trips to the park! While the child is in school or napping, the nanny will be responsible for grocery shopping, running errands, child’s laundry, and meal prep for the child and the family (meal prep for the family is negotiable, but is preferred). They have a cleaning service that takes care of the parents’ laundry, but a willingness to help with it from time to time is appreciated.   Their daughter is a happy, curious, spunky, smart little girl. She is very loving and a social butterfly. She loves to go on walks and wave at people and dogs in the neighborhood. She is starting to be very chatty and is learning new words every day. This is likely due to her love for reading. She thrives on routine but is adaptable to new things. She is strong-willed and energetic but overall kind-hearted.   Parents are looking for someone who will partner with them in their child’s development. The ideal candidate has experience guiding children and families through milestones (i.e. potty training). It is important that their nanny is warm and engaging with their daughter. Someone who has high emotional intelligence and can anticipate the needs of the child and family. Their child is very social and outgoing, and they seek a nanny who shares these traits. Must be vaccinated for Covid and Flu Vaccine + COVID booster.   Pay is $25-30 depending on experience and is flexible for the perfect candidate. There is room to grow! Benefits include paid sick days, holidays and vacation. There is also a performance-based discretionary end-of-year bonus. The start date is the first week of April (flexible for the right candidate!)
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Job Locations US-UT-Saint George
SAINT GEORGE, UT (OPEN TO ALL US CANDIDATES)-Growing family seeks an experienced FULL-TIME NANNY for their 2-year-old girl and newborn baby boy (born November 2022). They are open to out-of-state candidates and are willing to assist with relocation expenses within reason.  Forty hour work week with flexible hours. Guaranteed 2 days off, and maximum 10 hour days. They currently also have a live out nanny and a newborn care specialist for the infant during evenings and overnights. Nanny will be responsible for both children during the daytime hours. Must be a team player! Currently looking for a LIVE IN nanny to live in the home until summer at which point a decision can be made about whether to transition to the families apartment 10-15 minutes from the house.  Dad works from home, and mom works out of the home. Main duties are complete childcare including dressing, meal/bottle prep, daily activities, etc. They would love someone willing to help with laundry and dishes/light kitchen cleaning during nap time, which is typically from 12:30-2:30pm. They have a dog who is usually outside during the day. Must love dogs! The ideal candidate has a positive attitude, good judgement, understands the importance of safety and genuinely cares about children. Must be fully vaccinated for COVID and the flu. Benefits are negotiable and may accrue. They are willing to offer a health insurance plan/stipend and will reimburse for gas/mileage. Start date is ASAP (flexible for the right candidate). 
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Job Locations US-CO-Parker
PARKER, CO (NATIONWIDE SEARCH) - Newly widowed father is seeking FULL-TIME LIVE-IN/OUT NANNY/HOUSEHOLD MANAGER for his 2 sons (an 8-year-old boy and a 10-year-old boy). The family is in need of someone who is willing to step in and help care for the household management needs, pick up the kids from school and activities, cook for the family, get kids ready for school, help with homework, and help take the Golden Retriever (therapy dog) on occasional walks if the boys do not do so. The perfect candidate is mature, professional, and displays warmth, compassion, and experience.   The oldest son was recently diagnosed as high-functioning on the autism spectrum, Asperger's, ADHD, and dyslexia. He is very intelligent, however, finds it difficult to manage his emotions. The family is in the process of identifying a suitable clinical psychologist for him, to help him manage his emotions. The nanny does not need expertise in special needs, but the ability to understand and have patience is a must.    Hours are Monday - Friday, 12 pm - 8 pm. The family has a housekeeper twice a week to do the majority of the cleaning. The family will provide a car for the nanny to use while working. The nanny will need to have the flexibility to be able to stay with the children overnight on the rare occasion that dad needs to travel for work.    Vaccinations are preferred, but not required. The family is willing to pay for relocation for the right candidate. Benefits: PTO + Paid Holidays + Paid Vacation + Health Care. Start date is ASAP. Pay is commensurate based on experience, $100-120K.
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Job Locations US-NY-New York
CHESHIRE, CT (NATIONWIDE SEARCH) - NYC Metropolitan area family is seeking a FULL-TIME LIVE-IN/OUT NANNY to care for their 3-month-old daughter. Hours are Monday - Friday 7 am - 5 pm. Duties include full childcare, the daughter's laundry, tidying the nursery, and food prep for the baby. The candidate will need to be a team player to work with a fully-staffed home. The family has 3-year-old twins who have their own nanny who the candidate would need to partner with. The household team includes the twin's nanny, a weekend nanny, a household manager, and housekeepers.    Mom is in education and dad is in finance and they both work from home. The candidate should be comfortable with regional travel since the family has an apartment in Manhattan and will stay there occasionally for business. There is the potential for international travel, so the candidate would need to have a passport or willingness to get one.    Live-in accommodations include a private bedroom with an ensuite bathroom. The nanny will have access to all essentials in the house; food internet, cable, home amenities, pool, etc. The family will provide a vehicle for use during work.  All vaccines are required; Tdap, MMR, Flu, Covid. Benefits include 2 weeks PTO + 5 Sick Days + Most major federal holidays + 1 floating holiday. The family will cover the cost of train transportation and give a yearly $500 health stipend.  Start date is ASAP. Pay commensurate upon experience, $25-32/hr.
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Job Locations US-NY-New York
NEW YORK, NY (LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY)-Wonderful family in Chelsea seeks a BILINGUAL (native Spanish or Mandarin speaking) NANNY/FAMILY ASSISTANT to support their family and help care for their 4-year-old girl, 2-year-old boy and 2-month-old baby girl. The nanny will not be responsible for caring for all three children at once; however, they would like a nanny who can seamlessly move between the children and is comfortable with all ages.   Parents have found that their children thrive by having 1:1 time with an adult. Both parents are hands on and involved in their children’s daily lives, but also lead demanding careers. Thus, they are looking to add a nanny to their loving family who can take some of the cognitive load from the parents and spend dedicated time with each child. Someone who will enrich their children’s lives through conversation, interaction, play and engagement.   The eldest attends preschool from 8am-2:30/5pm depending on whether she stays afterschool. The 2-year-old is in daycare from 9am-6pm and the infant will be joining him in daycare part-time. The hours can be flexible, as they are looking for the right fit over the perfect schedule.  A sample week may look like 2-8pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 7:30am-6:30pm Wednesday and Friday. Again, hours can be flexible! The day will include EITHER mornings or bedtime. Mornings will consist of helping to get the children ready and off to school and evenings will consist of dinner and bedtime routines. A parent will be there in the mornings and evenings to help. The nanny will be responsible for picking up the children from school/daycare in the afternoons and sometimes dropping them off in the mornings. The school and daycare are on the same street and are within walking distance of the home.   Family assistant/household duties will take place while the children are in school. Household duties are primarily for the children, however, the parents would appreciate it if the nanny can do small things to help lessen their load as well if time permits (i.e. throwing a load of laundry in, grocery shopping, etc.). Household duties consist of kids’ laundry, meal planning/grocery shopping, meal prep for the kids’ dinner/lunches, running errands, keeping inventory of the kids’ supplies and clothing, setting up playdates, etc.   The children are learning Spanish and Mandarin Chinese as second languages (the eldest attends a bilingual school). Thus, they seek a nanny who is a NATIVE MANDARIN OR SPANISH SPEAKER and is also fluent in English (will speak English to the parents). Must be patient and comfortable speaking to the children primarily in that language to help them learn and encourage them to speak only on that language.   The ideal candidate is ENGAGING and INTERACTIVE. Someone who is focused on the children and unafraid to get on their level and play! They seek a nanny who is engaging, energetic and hands-on. Someone who is interactive, and fun, and plays with the kids on their level. They seek a nanny who comes to work, can assess the situation, see what needs to be done, and jumps in to do it! Someone who identifies ways to ease the parents’ cognitive load. Must be willing to sign an NDA and be up to date on all vaccinations (tdap, COVID, flu, etc.). They are more concerned about personality and engagement over childcare experience.   Benefits include paid sick days, holidays, and vacation. Pay is commensurate with experience. Start date is ~April 1st!
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Job Locations US-SC-Charleston
CHARLESTON, SC(LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY) - First-time parents are seeking a NANNY/MOTHER’S HELPER for their sweet 3-month-old son. The son has a congenital heart defect that limits his ability to fight illness and mom is seeking a nanny who can care for him in their home and partner with her. The mom works from home and will be there to administer all medications to the child and nurse him. The nanny's duties would include helping wash pump parts and bottles, diapering, feeding the baby when he does not nurse, taking baby on walks around the neighborhood, taking baby to play outside, and helping with the family’s laundry while baby naps.   Due to the compromised immune system, the candidate needs to be germ-conscious and vaccinated (Tdap, MMR, Flu, Covid). There are 2 cats in the home that will not need care. The schedule is 9 am - 4 pm Monday -Thursday, and 9 am - 1 pm on Fridays with the flexibility to work date nights and possible weekends.    There is no need for the nanny to drive the baby at this time. Roughly 32+ hours/ week. Start date is 2/1. Pay is $25/hr.
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Job Locations US-NV-Las Vegas
NATIONWIDE SEARCH: HAWAII/LAS VEGAS/THE WORLD - HNW family seeking a FULL-TIME LIVE-IN NANNY/MOTHER’S HELPER for their 6-month-old son. These first-time parents are seeking a candidate who has significant infant childcare experience to offer quality care. Mom is a SAHM and dad is a CEO of a large company, so the nanny would need to be able to work in a fast-paced environment. It is important to note this family splits their home base between Hawaii and Las Vegas and has frequent international travel.   The perfect candidate will have a solid understanding of professionalism, multilingual preferred if possible (Portuguese or Korean preferred), but not a deal breaker, and an entrepreneurial spirit. The family would also prefer a nanny who can and is willing to cook.    The hours would vary at roughly 8 hours a day and a guaranteed 40 hours a week. The nanny would need to be willing and have the flexibility to help with the infant during the night. Duties include helping maintain an orderly house, helping with laundry, doing the dishes, and light housework. On occasion, the candidate would need to help with other miscellaneous errands, i.e. grocery shopping. Flexibility is key to this position not only with hours but also with travel. The family frequently travels to Europe and Korea for extended periods. The nanny must have a passport and be willing to travel.  Candidates must possess a valid driver's license. Start date ASAP. Pay based on experience.
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Job Locations US-NJ-Hainsport
  HAINESPORT, NJ (LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY)-Wonderful family 30 minutes from Philadelphia seeks a FULL-TIME NANNY to love and care for their 2.5-year-old boy and 7-month-old girl from 9am-4pm Monday-Friday. They’d appreciate someone who can offer flexibility for occasional nights and weekends only for dates/times previously agreed upon by both parties.   Their youngest is a well-tempered, easy baby. She loves to be engaged with and enjoys music. She currently naps twice per day, between 9:30-10:30am and in the afternoon between 1-2pm. Her afternoon nap is synced with her brother’s nap, which usually takes place from 1-3pm. Their son is sweet, energetic, and playful! He loves to read and be active outdoors. He will be attending preschool within the next year.   They seek a nanny who is engaging and interactive with the children. Someone who is RELIABLE and has prior experience caring for a toddler and infant simultaneously. Someone who is active with the children and is easy to work with. The ideal candidate is safety-oriented and can help educate their children and foster growth through age-appropriate developmental activities. Covid vaccine is NOT required (preference for unvaccinated candidates). Overall, they are looking for someone who can make a LONG-TERM COMMITMENT and grow with them as a family.   Both parents work from home and seek a nanny who is confident caring for both children so they can focus on work throughout the day. Thus, they seek someone who can work independently and keep the children entertained and engaged throughout the day, but will be available to assist with questions/concerns, especially at the onset of employment. Benefits include paid sick days, holidays, and vacation. Pay is commensurate with experience. Start date is ASAP! 
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Job Locations US-CA-Newport Coast
    NEWPORT COAST, CA- The loveliest two dads (one retired one a business owner) are looking for TWO FULL-TIME EDUCATED NANNIES for their two children ages 1.5 and 3 years old; and one baby new in May! They currently have two rotating nannies working 7 am-7 pm, with one of them working Sunday-Wednesday and the other Thursday-Saturday. They are looking to add TWO ROTATING NANNIES to care solely for the infant, ideally working the same schedule as the other two nannies or working a 4-day on, 4 days off rotating schedule. LIVE OUT AND LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY!   Ideally, they are seeking candidates who are fully versed in infant care and early Early Childhood Education and or Child Development. Candidates must have great job tenure, and a strong passion for childcare, especially infants!  They live in a gated community and have a fully staffed home.  The ideal candidate needs to be able to work hand-in-hand with the other nannies – meaning that this candidate must be on the same page as the other nannies and night nurse.  You must have the same philosophy about feeding & sleeping schedules, development, etc.     The candidate must also be able to travel (passport ready) both domestically and internationally as they travel quite a bit and have every intention of bringing their children along when they are able.  They have four non-shedding hypoallergenic dogs, so you must be OK with helping assist with their care as needed. Must be willing to receive annual flu, preferably candidates are covid vaccinated but not required, TDAP is required.   Must be an excellent TEAM PLAYER and able to work alongside others well! Must be easygoing, hardworking, have a great attitude, and just a joy to be around-- no drama, please!
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Job Locations US-NY-Great Neck
  GREAT NECK, NY (NORTHEAST CANDIDATES ONLY)- Parents in LONG ISLAND seek a FULL-TIME NANNY to help care for their two girls, ages 2 years and 6 months. The schedule is from 7am-7pm Wednesday-Sunday (Monday and Tuesday OFF). Position can be live-in or live-out. Preference is for a nanny who can live-in 5 days per week while working and go home during their off days. Living accommodations consist of a private room and bathroom. They currently have a nanny and are looking to add another to join her in supporting their two kids and the household as a whole.   The eldest is in school from 9am-12:30pm Monday-Friday. She comes home and naps until 4pm. Primary care is for the youngest while her sister is in school. Mom typically takes her to and from school but would like for the nanny to be able to help with school pick-ups and drop-offs as well. They have a vehicle for the nanny to use while on the job and/or a driver. A driver’s license is preferred but not required.   The nanny’s primary responsibility first and foremost is taking excellent care of the children. Additional duties include housekeeping tasks such as family laundry, bed/linens, and meal prep for the children. They have a housekeeping service twice per week, so no heavy cleaning, but they would like their nanny to help with dishes and light housekeeping to maintain cleanliness and order when there is down time. Must be willing to lend a hand and not be above helping around the house.   The ideal candidate has experience with infants and toddlers (2 under 2 experience is a plus!). Someone who is energetic and has the stamina to keep up with two active kiddos! They seek a nanny who truly loves children and is passionate about working with them daily. Someone who is committed to their career and the family and can grow with them for years to come. Must be a team player and be able to work in tandem with their other nanny and mom who works from home and is very involved in her children’s lives.   Pay is commensurate with experience. Benefits include paid sick days, holidays and vacation. Start date is ASAP but flexible for the right candidate.
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Job Locations US-NY-New York
  NATIONWIDE SEARCH- NEW YORK, NY- The most amazing, warm & kind HNW family in midtown looking for TWO FULL-TIME ROTATING NANNIES / HOUSEHOLD ASSISTANTS for their 3.5-year-old daughter who will work either 4 days on, 4 days off, or 7 days on, 7 days off. They are searching for their unicorns, so are completely open regarding the schedule and whatever is best for the best candidate(s). They are able to provide housing for one candidate to live-in full-time or the two nannies can rotate living in during their specific shifts). However, you are not expected to live in if you are already a local candidate with your own accommodations! Ideally, this person is in the tri-state area, but open to a nationwide search! They provided a very competitive salary + full benefits + PTO.   They are extremely generous with their amenities etc. but are hoping to find candidates who are genuinely there because they love their job, not because of the lifestyle itself. They travel to all the best locations in the world, flying privately, so you must have a valid passport and a wanderlust spirit! Someone who is healthy, active, and has that 'something special' to bring to the table-- whether it be that you speak a second language, love dance or art & music, they place great value on such attributes! Someone who can ski and swim is a plus but not necessarily a deal-breaker. They have a house in the Dominican Republic and go there often in the winter months. They are Jewish but do not keep a kosher household. They are hoping to find candidates who share a similar belief system and morals.   Ultimately, they are looking for candidates with exceptional judgment and intuition; someone who is always three steps ahead is extremely thoughtful in their approach, is super flexible & easygoing, but meticulous and organized. Candidates who are kind and wholesome with incredible character-- you are someone who always does the right thing even when no one is watching! They are so grateful for their own privilege and extremely humble overall. They have a housekeeper and chef, so your primary duties involve all care centered around their daughter.   Their daughter is super warm, loving, bright, and inquisitive. They are searching for someone who can challenge her. Someone who is fully invested in her absolute best interest and will help nurture her and foster each stage of development emotionally, intellectually, and physically. She is in school part-time now and will start going more full-time come September. They will be able to guarantee you 40 hrs a week and you will help with all tasks helping raise her into an independent, kind and confident young girl. They are looking for a long-term commitment!   Their ideal candidates passionately love what they do, and are grounded and pure. These nannies will be responsible for helping empower their daughter and show her how wondrous the world is! They have a driver. they have one dog who stays in another apartment and comes and goes, must be ok with dogs! Start date March 2023, but open for offering hours earlier if needed!
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