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Job Locations US-NY-East Ilsip
  LONG ISLAND, NY (OPEN TO ALL US CANDIDATES)- Incredible parents 30 miles from Manhattan seek a FULLL-TIME NANNY for their 10-month-old son. Ideal hours are from 7am-7pm Monday-Friday but they are also open to an 8am-6pm schedule if preferred by the nanny. Occasional weekend help is appreciated but not required. Position can be LIVE IN or LIVE OUT. Their preference is for a live-in nanny Monday-Friday; however, they are open to a full-time live-in or live-out nanny.   They have two homes on Long Island; one is in Oyster Bay and the other in East Islip. They primarily reside in their East Islip home but spend weekends and summers in Oyster Bay. Living accommodations in their East Islip residence include a private floor for the nanny including a bedroom, bathroom, living space, etc. A private bedroom and bathroom are provided in the Oyster Bay home as well. The family also has a home in Florida that they visit 1-2 times per year and would love for their nanny to join! Private living accommodations are provided in their Florida home as well.   Mom works from home part-time and is looking for someone to support her in caring for her son and keeping her home running like a well-oiled machine. She seeks a nanny who is proactive and takes initiative. A self-starter who is always two steps ahead! The ideal candidate is organized, stable, and a team player. Someone who is loving, gentle, and brings peace and calmness to their home. No drama! They seek a true professional who is ideally college educated and is educationally and developmentally focused on their son. This person is more than a babysitter and can make a positive influence on their child’s learning and development. A background in Montessori is a plus!     Duties are primarily focused on the care and education of their son; however, they would appreciate some basic help keeping their home neat and tidy throughout the day (wiping counters, picking up toys, taking inventory/stocking baby items, helping mom bring groceries in, etc.). They have a housekeeper, so no heavy cleaning! Must be a mindful and tidy housemate. A family car is provided for use while on the job. Must have a clean driving record! They have pools at their homes and seek a water- and safety-conscious nanny! Benefits include paid sick days, holidays, and vacation. Pay is open depending on experience. Start date is ASAP!
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Job Locations US-VA-Alexandria
  OLD TOWN ALEXANDRIA, VA (LOCAL CANDIDATES PREFERRED)- Incredible down-too-earth parents just outside of DC seek a FULL-TIME NANNY/ “CHILDCARE MANAGER” for their two girls and boy, ages 7, 4, and 2 years. They live in the historic section of Old Town Alexandria, a few miles outside of Washington, DC, and are within walking distance to parks, grocery stores, shops, and restaurants. Hours are from 10:30 am-6:30 pm Monday-Friday (rare overtime). They try to let their nanny leave early on Fridays. Occasional evenings (until ~9:30pm) may be required when both parents have late meetings, but they would flex for a later morning if desired. They are very reasonable and flexible but require some flexibility in return!   Their eldest child attends a private school from 8-3 pm and takes the bus home in the afternoon.The youngest two children attend a pre-school within walking distance. The oldest child attends from 9-12 M,F and 9-2:30 T, W, R. The youngest one attends from 9-12 M-F. A van will be provided for childcare errands and transporting the children to/from school, activities, the country club/pool, or to friends’ homes. Generally, the parents handle morning drop-off, the eldest takes a bus home, and the youngest are within walking distance. The older children often have activities in the evening (soccer, tennis, swimming), although their grandmother often assists with the transportation. In the summer, the children attend a local summer camp with hours similar to school.   All three children are very bright and energetic. The girls are both very outgoing and extroverted. The boy is more introverted and likes to build and invent! They have strong personalities and need someone who is comfortable holding the line with them! Parents are looking for someone who is active, energetic, and interested in being a “childcare manager” in addition to a childcare provider. Because the children are in school much of the day, they are looking for someone to help with other childcare tasks beyond preparing dinner for the children. For example, they want someone who is willing to monitor the shared email address for school email and follow up to procure necessary items and ensure school tasks are complete, someone who is willing to organize birthday gifts for classmates, track deadlines for school applications, and activities, return kid's items ordered online, help pack the children for vacations, etc.   They have a very busy, but very happy and stable home and try to keep the kids in consistent routines. They highly value someone who is dependable, honest, and trustworthy. The ideal candidate is kind and loving, but also someone who can consistently keep the children in line, create consistency and uphold a routine for them. Their grandparents live across the street and afford the nanny a fair amount of flexibility. Their grandmother helps manage the home, transport the children, provide backup care, etc. Must be a team player!   The ideal candidate is friendly, outgoing, and genuinely loves interacting with the children. Someone who is engaging, a director communicator, and confident enough to set boundaries and stick to them. They seek a nanny who is loving yet firm; not a pushover! Someone who can communicate effectively (is able to say yes and no honestly). They are a private family (no social media, quiet about their personal lives, etc.), and ask for their nanny to respect their privacy by not sharing their whereabouts while with the children/family, no posting photos of the children, house, etc. They travel domestically as a family to places such as the Outer Bank and Vermont and would love for their nanny to join! Trips are typically 1-week maximum in duration.   Local candidates are preferred, however, they are open to out-of-state candidates for the right fit. The position is LIVE OUT ONLY. They prefer candidates who are vaccinated for COVID and the flu, but not a dealbreaker. Benefits include paid sick days, holidays, vacation and health insurance. Pay is open and dependent upon experience. Start date is ASAP!
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Job Locations US-MT-Bozeman
BOZEMAN, MT (OPEN TO ALL US CANDIDATES)-Wonderful parents in beautiful Bozeman seek a FULL-TIME NANNY for their 4.5-year-old girl and 1.5-year-old boy. Position can be LIVE IN or LIVE OUT (preferred). Live-in accommodations consist of a private bedroom and bathroom in their finished basement. They have two friendly senior dogs in the home (no allergies!). Hours are from 8:30am-6pm Monday-Friday. They are flexible for an earlier ending time (4pm) if desired by the nanny!   Their daughter is in preschool from 8:30-3:30 Monday-Friday during the school year and for several weeks during the summer. She will be in kindergarten in fall 2023. She has several after-school activities throughout the week and a lot of activities during the summer. Parents typically take her to school but may need the nanny to help with pickups. A family car is provided. Must have a driver’s license and clean driving record. Their son is home all day but is starting preschool in September 2023. The position is slated to be full-time for at least one year, however, they may require fewer hours down the road when the 2-year-old starts preschool next year. There is a possibility for the position to remain full-time, but the role will switch to more household management duties while both children are in school. Duties in addition to childcare include household help during nap time (preparing meals, organizing toys/kids’ rooms, tidying the kitchen, etc.). They would love someone who can prep all ingredients for dinner (they will provide the recipe) to be ready for the family to cook.   They seek a candidate who is reliable, flexible, caring, and engaging. The ideal candidate has teaching experience or a background in education and can help foster academic growth. Must be vaccinated for COVID. Pay is $25-30/hour. Benefits include paid sick days, holidays, and vacation. They appreciate advanced notice for vacation time in order to coordinate backup care. Start date is ASAP!
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Job Locations US-WI-Madison
MADISON, WI (LOCAL CANDIDATES PREFERRED)-Lovely working parents seek a FULL-TIME NANNY for their three boys, ages 10, 4.5, 2.5 months. Hours are from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday. Local candidates are preferred; however, they are open to out-of-state candidates for the right fit. Must be aware of long and strong winter weather!   Duties consist of complete childcare first and foremost. Additional duties when time permits include running errands, picking up dry cleaning, and other household management tasks. They have a part-time housekeeper who does cleaning and laundry. They would LOVE someone who can help with super simple dinner meal prep, but it is not a requirement! They are looking for someone who can help keep the household operating as a well-oiled machine. A “work wife” who can serve as an extension of mom!   The eldest goes to school M-F from 7:15-3:15pm, and their 4-year-old goes to school M-F from 8:30-5:30pm. On rare occasions, the nanny may be asked to pick up or drop off but very rarely. A family car is provided while on the job. Must have a valid driver’s license and clean driving record! Primary care is for the infant!   They seek a nanny who is empathetic and intuitive with children (can read baby's cues). Someone who is organized, proactive, neat/clean, responsible, punctual, a strong communicator, and flexible. Someone who can hit the ground running with little direction! Mom doesn’t read between the lines well and takes people for their word. Thus, she works best with someone who has strong self-advocacy and who can be direct with her. Someone who isn’t afraid to say “no” and do so confidently (i.e. when feeling burnt out and asked to work longer hours, etc.) will work well with her! Open, direct, and honest communication is necessary to ensure expectations are understood by both parties to lead to a successful long-term relationship!   They seek a nanny who can travel with mom and baby for the next 4 months or so. There is additional travel opportunity when the family vacations! The vast majority of travel is domestic (Chicago). Mom travels 1-2 times per month from 1-3 nights in duration. There may be a once-per-year trip to the UK, as well as some additional travel opportunities to escape the cold in late winter if desired! Pay is $25-30/hour depending on experience. Benefits include paid sick days, holidays, vacation, and a potential health insurance stipend. Start date is ASAP!
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Job Locations US-MI-Detroit
NORTHVILLE, MI (LOCAL CANDIDATES PREFERRED)-Incredible first-time parents 30 minutes outside of Detroit seek a FULL-TIME NANNY for their newborn baby boy (born early July 2022). Core hours are from 8am-6pm Monday-Friday. They would love someone who can be flexible some weeks to offer additional weeknight/weekend support. Parents envision having a standard schedule and then set a weekly schedule that works for both parties ahead of time. Mom will primarily be working from home but will travel occasionally. Dad is in healthcare and frequently works overnights/on-call. They are looking for their nanny to stay overnight during times when both mom travels and dad works overnight. This will all be planned well in advance!   They are looking for a nanny with prior newborn/infant experience who can help them get their son on a schedule. They love to get him outdoors daily when the weather permits for a walk or other excursion. The family expects their nanny to prioritize the safety of their son above all else. Any other additional responsibilities fall second to childcare. They have a weekly cleaning service that does a deep clean, so no heavy cleaning is required! They are looking for someone to help keep the household running smoothly (i.e. fill/run/empty the dishwasher, load/change/fold laundry, tidy play areas, tidy kitchen after use, etc., as is relevant). Pet care is relatively standard (i.e. ensure the dog has appropriate food and water, take on walks if comfortable, occasionally drop off/pick up the dog from daycare, etc.).   They seek a nanny who can be an extension of their family and help the parents, as two busy working professionals, ensure that their son is well cared for. Clear, open, and honest communication is a must as well as someone who aligns with their parenting philosophy (teaching patience, building frustration tolerances during meltdowns, etc.). Mom will be working from home in a dedicated workspace and a full calendar. She needs to be able to communicate effectively with their nanny about expectations and defining spaces/boundaries for both parties. Parents wish for their home and child’s experiences to be filled with love and support, as well as to help him build patience and frustration tolerance as he grows. Someone who can encourage their son to play and to be exposed to many social interactions (health and safety permitting) as possible. Someone who is thoughtful about age-developmental play and exposes him to books and new learning opportunities.   Must be vaccinated for Tdap, Covid/Covid Booster, Flu. They have a 2-year-old/ 70 lb golden retriever in the home. Must love dogs! The ideal candidate has prior experience with infants and toddlers and is looking to work with the family long-term as their family grows.   Benefits include paid sick days, holidays, vacation, and health insurance stipend. Pay is $25-30/hour, but flexible for the right candidate. Start date is September 15th (flexible for the right person!)
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Job Locations US-CA-Alamo
    NATIONWIDE SEARCH: ALAMO, CA- Super warm and active family looking for a LIVE-OUT, RELIABLE, FLEXIBLE NANNY / HOUSEHOLD MANAGER to join their loving family, ideally three days a week; preferably M-W and Saturdays; OFF Th, Friday and Sunday. They are flexible on this but this is the IDEAL schedule. Open to giving as many hours as needed, up to 40 hrs/wk.     They have two children ages 3.5  (f) and 2 (m) years old; and a third baby on the way! Eldest will be starting preschool full-time M-F 9-2PM. Their two-year-old will need the most care as he won’t be starting preschool likely until Fall 2023. The infant will likely need care off/ on so this person must truly know how to care for infants.  They are both so warm and loving! They are looking for the 'best of the best" and are ideally seeking someone who has a minimum of five+ years professional experience and who is looking to make a long-term commitment! This person must be very comfortable in the outdoors and super diligent when it comes to safety and being cognizant of your surroundings; safety is their #1 priority. They live in a beautiful affluent community. Their home also has a pool and expansive backyard; they live in a cul-de-sac which is great for biking and scooters, etc. Extremely safe- lots to do to keep busy and fun!    They are looking for someone who is EXTREMELY reliable and warm. While they definitely want someone who is structured and organized, it is imperative that this person is also affectionate with their children as we are a very easy- going and loving family. They do not want our kids sitting in front of the tv much; they want them engaged with educational activities, fun, crafts, etc! They have a full playroom with everything the kids/ nanny could want. If they don’t have something the nanny thinks would be great for the kids' development, they can get it! MONTESSORI knowledge is a huge plus! Mom is searching for a meticulous and ultra-organized nanny. Mom does all the laundry; your main focus is on the kids! She is stay-at-home, so you are essentially her work wife who can help anticipate needs and take action without much hand-holding. You must be PUNCTUAL-- five minutes early is considered on time. Ideal candidates are flexible to work weekends here or there, nights and or travel with them as needed. They do require an NDA and extreme professionalism. Nanny should have their own reliable car to get to their home; must have a clean driving record! Pay is open DOE + PTO + Health Insurance. They have two small dogs, a Chihuahua and a Pomeranian so they must be comfortable with dogs! Huge plus if the candidate is bilingual, particularly if you speak French, but it is not a requirement.
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Job Locations US-TX-Austin
  ATLANTA / LA (WEST HOLLYWOOD / AUSTIN / THE WORLD – Celebrity couple, currently based in Austin, TX, is looking for a FULL-TIME LIVE-IN TRAVEL NANNY / MANNY willing to work a very FLUID SCHEDULE and join their wonderful family for the long haul! You are guaranteed (and typically working up to) 45 hrs a week (or 180 hrs a month). Pay is DOE and includes an annual bonus, paid time off, etc.   The ideal candidate has experience working with infants. You will be responsible for providing primary care for their two-month-old son, but you also must be able to supervise their almost 9-year-old daughter. She is very responsible and mostly left to her own devices. She thrives off structure; someone who is consistent and firm with her is a must! You will serve as an authoritative figure/ disciplinarian but also a big-sister/ auntie mentor!  Someone with a strong passion for and/or background in Early Childhood Development/ Education and loves children—being silly, providing structure, consistency & stability; facilitating educational & fun games and activities, etc. is preferred. You will be responsible for all childcare-related duties & helping the functioning of the household including but not limited to the child’s laundry, taking out the trash & light housekeeping, emptying & loading the dishwasher, cooking, swimming, running errands, wrangling their daughter to and from activities as needed, helping with homework as needed, etc. The candidate must always be prepared, and one step ahead; someone who is resourceful, competent, and quick on their feet is imperative.  Someone who has a fly-by-the-seat- of their pants mentality is a must!  Their daughter is musical (she loves musical theater, piano, and dance), creative, and loves to swim and run. Reads a lot; she is a great student and is generally independent. You will be responsible for household duties such as, but not limited to doing the dishes, child's laundry, and household (pool/dish) towels as needed, wiping counters, taking out the trash, etc. They are looking for a partnership- we work best thinking of it like teamwork. Ultimately, the parents will be the decision-makers, but they are very open to collaborating on education, extracurriculars, travel tips, and suggestions. The ideal candidate has maximum flexibility. Must be available for evenings, weekends, overnights, and holidays. This doesn't mean that you will work all of them, but you do need to be prepared to! Honesty and transparency with requests and opinions. Someone who can speak up with concerns and feedback when needed is extremely important! They are looking for someone very flexible and not bound by traditional scheduling- there is no rhythm to their schedule! The candidate must also be comfortable being alone with the kiddos for a few days if parents have to travel for work (which they often will). The ideal candidate is someone excited to travel and live in potentially multiple different cities i.e. someone comfortable exploring, adventuring, and living out of a suitcase sometimes (as they do!). Someone that can get excited about spontaneity is paramount to making this a successful commitment and relationship!  They are hoping that this person can make at least a minimum of a two-year commitment. Their first nanny was with them for five years and the most recent for just under two years, they have both become members of the family! You will most likely shadow her as you make the transition into this role, so must be flexible to start before Sept and start full-time just after Labor Day is ideal, but they are ultimately flexible for the absolute best. They will also have the baby's night nurse present for you to shadow to be able to take over full charge of his care smoothly! You must be able to pack your suitcase for the first trip to Florida and St. Barth's after Thanksgiving for the month. FYI- THEY DO NOT REQUIRE COVID VACCINATIONS. MUST BE AN EXCELLENT DRIVER WITH A PRISTINE DRIVING RECORD. MUST HAVE A VALID PASSPORT!
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Job Locations US-PA-Philadelphia
MEDIA, PA (LOCAL CANDIDATES PREFERRED) – Wonderful family located 30-50 minutes outside of Philadelphia (depending on traffic) is looking for a FULL-TIME NANNY for their 7-month-old boy and 2.5-year-old girl from 8am-4pm Monday-Friday. Duties include complete childcare-related tasks such as feeding, diapers/potty training, meal and snack prep for the children, as well as tidying their toys, clothes, rooms, etc. Duties are child-related only. Their daughter will be in school in the fall from 9am-11:30am. Nanny will be responsible for school pick-ups and drop-offs. They are willing to provide a family vehicle for use while transporting the children. Must have a clean driving record and valid DL! Local candidates are strongly preferred but they are open to considering out-of-state candidates if someone has ties to the area and is relocating within driving distance. Minimal relocation assistance is provided. The ideal candidate is soft-spoken, takes initiative, is knowledgeable about children’s milestones, supports and creates a positive learning environment for children; has prior experience working as a full-time nanny, as well as experience simultaneously caring for a newborn and a toddler. Their hope is for this to be a long-term relationship and seek candidates who have stayed in previous positions for at least six months. Must be a nonsmoker and fully vaccinated for Tdap (over the past 5 years), Covid and Covid booster, and influenza. The parents have put a lot of thought and effort into their children’s education and expect the nanny to facilitate that through age-appropriate learning activities and a lot of reading. There is a no screen time policy in their home, hence the nanny would be expected to engage children with various activities. They follow set schedules and routines. Pay is $25/hour. Benefits include paid sick days, holidays, and vacation. Start date is ASAP!
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Job Locations US-FL-Tampa
ST. PETERSBURG, FL (LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY) - Active family in Historic Old Northeast are seeking a FULL-TIME LIVE-IN or LIVE-OUT nanny to care for and grow a set of 18-month-old boy/girl twins and partner with a busy SAHM.  Hours are 11 am - 7 pm, Monday - Friday. The perfect candidate will have experience with young children and bring with them an understanding of early childhood development. The family is seeking someone who will help their children grow cognitively and socially. Duties include laundry for the family, light cleaning, helping with kitchen cleanup, all needs associated with childcare, and walking with the children to parks and local attractions. The nanny will have a private mother-in-law suite available for living accommodations. The previous nanny was teaching the children Spanish, so the ability to continue bi-lingual learning would be a bonus! Benefits include 20 days of PTO + sick leave. Holiday pay and healthcare benefits are negotiable for the perfect candidate. Vaccinations are not necessary. Pay is $25/hr and the start date is early September.
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Job Locations US-CA-San Francisco
  MENLO PARK, CA- Lovely Swedish Family visiting Stanford University this Fall from September - December 2022 ISO a FULLTIME NANNY for their three-year-old daughter!    She can be a bit shy at first but once she trusts someone she loves to explore, play, craft, and play sports. She only speaks Swedish but they are starting to prepare her for their trip by practicing a bit of English vocabulary. Speaking Swedish is not a requirement for the nanny, the most important thing is genuine interest, care, and safety first - but being outgoing and finding fun activities each day is a must. They will only have one car, so the nanny would need to have access to one of her own.    Hours are typically 08:30 AM-4 PM Mon-Fri, pay is commensurate with experience! Must be covid vaccinated and a safe driver with a pristine driving record!   
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Job Locations US-CA-San Mateo
SAN MATEO, CA (LOCAL CANDIDIATES PREFERRED)- Lovely parents about 30 minutes from San Francisco seek a TEMPORARY FULL-TIME NANNY to care for their two-year-old son and also help mom, who is recovering from a c-section, with their newborn (expected to arrive 8/31). Main coverage is needed October 5-15th. They are flexible to start as early as the 3rd and extend as late as the 20th if desired by both parties. Hours are from 1-9pm Monday-Wednesday, and Saturday-Sunday (Thursday and Friday OFF). They can be flexible with days/hours but really need care from 4-8pm 5 days per week at a minimum. Primary responsibility will be helping with their 2-year-old afterschool from 4-8pm (having a snack, playing, dinner around 6, bath, and bedtime around 7:30). The hours of 1-4pm, will be spent helping mom who will be recovering from a c-section surgery with their newborn - primarily helping bring the newborn to her for feedings, or helping mom if she needs things such as food/water etc. Dad will be traveling for 3 days during this time (Oct 7-9).  He will be isolating due to COVID exposure risk upon his return before he reintegrates with the family. Must be vaccinated and boostered for COVID. They are looking for someone trustworthy, communicative, and caring. They prefer local candidates but are also open to an out of state candidate living in for the duration of the role in their guest room. Pay is $40/hour depending on experience.
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Job Locations US-CA-Ojai
OJAI, CA (LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY) - High-profile split-household family in the film-industry family is seeking a FULL-TIME LIVE-OUT NANNY/PERSONAL ASSISTANT to help with their fluid and irregular on-call style schedule to care for their 10-year old son. Their son is in school from 8 am - 3 pm, Monday - Friday. Flexibility is key in this position and the family will guarantee 40 hours per week of pay, even if there are significantly fewer childcare needs. The nanny needs to be dependable and available for the family when the needs arise. Dad will be traveling back and forth from LA to Montana filming and will have the occasional need for overnight and weekend care for their son (generally 2 nights at a time). There is a medium-sized dog in the home that would only need care during overnight stays. Duties would include taking their son to and from school on occasion (a family car is provided while on the job), running errands, grocery shopping, cooking for the son, and laundry for the family. The perfect candidate would have an open schedule with tons of flexibility to assist the family when the need arises. Their home is on some acreage and in a very nature-based environment. Pay is $25/hr, but flexible for the right candidate. Benefits include PTO + Sick Days + Holidays. Start date is ASAP for the perfect candidate.  
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Job Locations US-WI-Lannon
  LANNON, WI (LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY) - New parents are seeking a FULL-TIME LIVE-OUT NANNY with newborn experience to help their 3-month-old son grow and develop. The nanny schedule would be 7 am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday. The perfect candidate would have an understanding of early childhood development to help the baby meet their developmental milestones, There is no need to drive the child. There is an elderly cat and parrot in the home, but care is exclusively provided by dad. Dad works from home full-time and would be available for emergencies and would also visit the baby throughout the day, Mom will be returning to work in October, which would be the target start date. The nanny needs to have Tdap, influenza, covid, covid booster, and MMR vaccines. Duties include light housekeeping, laundry for the family, bathing baby, feeding baby, helping clean bottles, and light cooking for the baby when he begins solids. Pay is $25/hr via payroll.
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Job Locations US-NJ-Madison
MADISON, NJ (LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY) - Bustling family is seeking a FULL-TIME LIVE-OUT NANNY to partner with the parents to balance care for their 4 children. The family has 2 boys (ages 6 and 2), and 2 girls (ages 4 and 2 months) and are wanting the nanny to grow and become an addition to their family. . Mom is home full-time and needs a nanny who can work as a team player to help with balancing the needs of the children. The older two children will be in school until 3 pm, Monday - Friday and the 2-year-old goes to school 3 days a week from 9 am -12 pm. The nanny's schedule is 7 am - 6 pm, Monday - Friday with some flexibility. The family is seeking a candidate who has experience with multiples, understands sleep schedules and training, and is flexible with the needs of the family as they change. At this time, the nanny would not need to drive the children, however would need to run errands for the family (they are only 1 mile from the train station). The dad works from home 1 day a week and works out of the home the additional days. Duties include caring for the baby while mom balances care for other children, laundry for the family, cooking/small meal prep for the children, cleaning bottles, helping with kitchen cleanup and dishes, and be able to help balance many moving parts at one time. The perfect candidate would have a background with newborns and the ability to anticipate the needs of the family before being asked. There is 1 dog in the home but the family has a dog walker and will not need the nanny’s care.The nanny will rarely care for all the children at once, the main need is to help balance care for children and assist around the house as needed. The nanny is required to have covid , tdap, flu vaccinations. Pay is $25 - 35/hr. Start date is mid-September. 
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Job Locations US-CT-New Canaan
    NEW CANAAN, CT (LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY) - Energetic and growing family seeking a fun energetic, and active FULL-TIME LIVE-IN or LIVE-OUT NANNY for their 3 children. 6.5-year-old girl, 4.5-year-old boy, due with 3rd late Sept./early October. Hours are 7 am - 7 pm, Monday - Friday, but the needs may change as the family grows. The oldest two children will be in school full days in the fall from 8 am - 3 pm, Monday - Friday, and the primary needs will be getting the kids off to school, then helping with the new baby. The family already has a baby nurse lined up, but mom has a high-risk pregnancy and will need all of the support she can from the nanny. The perfect candidate is a team player who is willing to help mom with the baby's needs while she works part-time in the home. The dad also works from home, but will have significant travel for work and is often out of the home for multiple days. Most of the care of multiple children will be shared with the mom, however, the nanny will have sole care of the baby during the day and evening. The nanny needs to be a team player with additional household staff (baby nurse and housekeeper). Live-in accommodations include a private bedroom and bathroom. Duties include running errands in the family car, driving children to and from activities and school, light cleaning, cooking for children, laundry for children, and swimming with the children (the family has a pool). The nanny needs to be comfortable driving with children and a strong summer. The family typically travels 2-3 times a year to Nantucket and has a summer vacation planned to Turks and Caicos and the potential to travel to Europe next summer as well. Overnights are rare, but in the event, both parents are traveling, the need may arise. Pay is $30-35/hr. Benefits include PTO + Sick Days + Holidays. The nanny must have tdap, influenza and covid, covid booster.
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Job Locations US-CA-Danville
  DANVILLE, CA (LOCAL CANDIDATES PREFERRED)-Incredible single mom (widow) is looking for a patient and caring FULL-TIME NANNY for her 11-year-old daughter with special needs. She is incredibly sweet and has no behavioral issues, but requires physical assistance to be fed, showered, diapered, etc. She is mentally aware, present and intelligent. She does have occasional seizures. She is nonverbal but her eyes communicate well that people can understand her well and quickly. She is incredibly happy, sweet and is always smiling. All she asks for is attention and kindness. Someone to be her friend and engage with her! She has a 13-year-old sister in the home who is self-sufficient and typically requires no care. Mom would love a nanny who is open to helping with the eldest from time to time (mostly just transporting her to activities if needed) but is also okay with the nanny being solely responsible for the youngest. Core hours are from afterschool at 3pm-8/9pm Monday-Friday. Weekends are strongly desired and necessary to get to 40 hours per week, however each weekend day is not required. Mom is flexible and willing to work out a mutually beneficial schedule. Position can be live in or out. Live in accommodations consist of a private bedroom and shared bathroom. The children go to school and come home around 3:30. The youngest showers (with assistance) afterschool, has a snack and spends time reading or going on walks until dinner. Nanny will need to feed her dinner, administer medication and put her to sleep; essentially help with all daily activities. On weekends, they like to go out for walks, take trips to the pool, visit the zoo, parks, etc. Occasional driving to therapy and outings may be required. Must have a clean driving record and ideally a reliable vehicle (vehicle can be negotiable). The children have gone through lots of trauma in losing their father, so mom is looking for a quality, kind caregiver who is positive and can help create fun for her daughter(s). The ideal candidate is responsible, kind, patient, caring and neat. A plus if you have special needs experience, but not required. Some of their best caregivers/sitters have had no special needs experience and immediately clicked and understood all of the child’s needs! Covid vaccination and all other basic childhood vaccinations are required. They are open to relocating someone from out of state but prefer local candidates if possible. Pay is $25-35/hour depending on experience. Benefits are negotiable. Start date is ASAP but flexible for the right candidate.
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Job Locations US-TX-Austin
AUSTIN, TX -Incredible parents in the Zilker area seek a TEMPORARY FULL-TIME NANNY to care for their 13-month-old girl and 4-year-old boy from 9am-5pm August 22-26 and Aug. 29-Sept 2. Must be fully vaccinated for COVID. Pay is open depending on experience! 
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Job Locations US-TN-Signal Mountain
SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, TN (LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY) - Amazing and easy-going family seeking a FULL-TIME LIVE-OUT NANNY to care for their 5-month-old daughter. The perfect candidate is bubbly, outgoing, friendly, and can fit in with the laid-back style of the household. One mom works in the home while the other works out of the home. They live on a 1-acre property that backs up to the grandparent's 5-acre property. Both properties are available for the nanny to take the daughter on walks outside on the trails and through the woods. The family has 2 medium to large-sized dogs that would need to be let out during the working day if moms are not home. The nanny needs to be dog-friendly and comfortable co-existing with the dogs in the home. Duties include light housekeeping, laundry for the family, picking up, and full care for the baby while they are out. No immediate need to drive the daughter anywhere, but there is the possible use of the family car on the job if the need arises. Hours are 6:30 am - 3 pm Monday - Friday. The nanny needs to have tdap, influenza, covid and covid boosters. The nanny would also need to sign a nondisclosure agreement for the family’s privacy. Pay is $25/hr. Start date ASAP.
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Job Locations US-CA-Westlake Village
WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA (LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY) - Amazing family focused on education is seeking a FULL-TIME LIVE-OUT nanny to help their 1-year-old daughter grow. The perfect candidate will be a self-starter who can predict the needs of the family and have experience with early childhood education. Hours are 12 pm - 5 pm on Mondays, then 7 am - 5:30 pm Tuesday - Thursday with flexibility with hours to guarantee 40 hrs/week. The family needs a nanny who can help facilitate their daughter's growth and development with sensory activities and even aid the family with suggestions for them to help her on their own. Duties include all childcare, light cleaning, cooking for child and family, cleaning and pick-up the kitchen, helping keep a food inventory, laundry for the family, changing crib sheets, and occasionally may need to drive the daughter. The nanny would have the potential to use a family car to use while working. The ideal candidate will have a background in early childhood education, be energetic, and be willing to help out before being asked. The dad works from home a few days a week and the mom works out of the home. The family would prefer a nanny that is willing to travel domestically with them. Nanny must have CPR/First Aid certification, Covid shot, and Booster. Benefits include PTO + Sick days. Pay is $25-30/hr. Start ASAP.
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Job Locations US-TX-Austin
AUSTIN, TX- West Central Austin family of 5 is looking for a full time house manager / nanny helper / personal assistant.  Chlldren include 2 elementary school aged children and one toddler.  Job duties include assistance with the children in the afternoons after school - homework / tutoring, activities, some meal prep, medication administration, occasional babysitting, chore supervision.   In the mornings / early afternoon, assistance is needed with meal planning and grocery shopping, some meal prep, car maintenance / washes, errands, travel planning, reservations and appointments assistance, personal shopping, laundry, light housekeeping and tidying, supplies management and ordering, packing and unpacking help, seasonal decorations help and casual party planning.  Occasional weekend childcare needed as well with advance agreement.  30 - 40 hours per week.   
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