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  TRI-STATE AREA SEARCH: WARREN, CT- Lovely family who has transitioned from NYC to their home in the country (Litchfield county) for the next year (and who plan to go back to Brooklyn where they are building a home) with a 19-month-old girl looking for a FULL-TIME LIVE-IN NANNY 8AM-6PM M-F. Pay is open DOE via payroll + PTO. They are looking for a professional, educated nanny who has a high emotional intelligence, is confident, intelligent, and nurturing. They will consider candidates who prefer to go home on the weekends (and who are extremely covid-conscious, willing to get tested often, do not have roommates, etc. but it is their preference you are there on property full-time). Ideally, they are looking for someone who is super positive, upbeat and proactive; they are seeking someone who is a highly engaged, diligent, attentive and caring nanny who is comfortable working both with parents and solo. Parents are hardworking, easy going, generous and kind. Their daughter is funny, curious, happy, playful and active. Someone who is fun-loving and assertive, professional, is able to read the room, and is nurturing but not overly sensitive. Must be able to have a team player mentality and OK with any kind of feedback/ constructive criticism if and when necessary! Both parents works from home and you will primarily have full autonomy. Mom is super sweet and while she respects your autonomy, she also loves spending time with her daughter when she is able. You have your own house to live-in on the property, with your own kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Ideal candidate must know how to drive and have a valid DL. Must be travel ready and willing to travel when they are able-- they frequent Martha's Vineyard, Utah and Canada! Family car provided for you to use while on the job. Ideal candidate is well-rounded, creative & proactive; must be fully discreet and must be willing to sign NDA. Looking for someone who is seeking a long-term commitment who is competent, curious & open to learning, self-aware, light hearted, positive and warm.  
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  AUSTIN, TX- Amazing family in 78703 with two boys ages 5 and 3 years old and one on-the-way (due in June) is looking for a FULL-TIME EDUCATED NANNY/ HOUSEHOLD MANAGER hybrid to join their bustling household! Hours are typically M-F from 8AM-5:30PM; Pay is $22-25+/hr DOE via payroll (+ overtime) + PTO and bonuses offered throughout the year based on job performance. Mom is an artist with a home studio popping in and out throughout the day and Dad works a very demanding job outside of the home. Their eldest son is currently in school five days a week (6-child pod) from 8:30AM-2:30PM. He is curious, fun-loving, smart, active and sweet. Their three-year-old is in school two days a week in a preschool with five kids in his class from 9AM-1PM. He naps from 1-3PM. He is a curious, athletic, busy boy who can be a picky eater and a little naughty sometimes but is overall extremely loving! They are both involved in various activities on off-days from school or after school and you are in charge of school drop-offs and pick-ups, and attending activities. Mom helps divide and conquer; she is as hands-on as her schedule allows! She is truly looking for her work wife--someone who can be in her brain so to speak, who can step into the job and hit the ground running! Someone who is a natural at anticipating needs, is always thinking and acting two steps ahead! Ideal candidate is a proactive, forward thinker; is highly competent, smart, fun and easy to be around! Upon newborn's arrival, they will have a baby nurse move in with them for the first three months upon new baby's arrival, and then nanny will be expected to take over full care of him when she departs. Mom plans to breastfeed so any knowledge with that and experience working with infants is also a plus. Must be a team player with a great attitude! They are not looking for someone disengaged or there just for a job. They do not want someone clock- in and out, but rather someone who is full invested in their work and who will grow to love and work alongside/ become a member of their family! Ideally, you will grow from being a nanny to a long-term personal assistant years down the road if that is something you would also be interested in! Ideal candidate is someone who is willing to go the extra mile, have flexibility, travel with them and adept at working with multiple kids. They need someone willing to help with errands and odd tasks as necessary; someone who is a competent swimmer. They have a pool on property, belong to a country club and have a second home in the Hamptons where lots of swimming takes place! Ultimately, they would like someone with flexibility. In non-Covid times, they generally have commitments 1-2 times a week where they'll need someone to stay later in the evenings. They also will have a child starting kinder next year so might need the flexibility for an earlier start time (7:30AM). They do plan to travel to their Hamptons home in 2022 for an extended time there (likely 1-2 months in the summer). They also like to go on other vacations during the year and they need flexibility for nanny to travel with them and work a non-traditional schedule while away (this won't be until everyone is vaccinated - and likely won't resume travel until Dec/January 2021). Travel compensation applies when traveling. Ideal candidate always has a watchful eye; knows how to discipline in a loving way, is adept at managing multiple kids with ease. Someone with a great sense of humor and who doesn't get flustered easily is preferred; must know how to fit in with a busy household. You will be responsible for helping with meals, light cleaning, other odd tasks and jobs - errands, grocery shopping, etc. - especially when boys are in school or napping. Ideal candidate is super energetic & active, can challenge the youngest emotionally, physically and intellectually and ultimately, is easily unfazed! They have a cleaning service weekly and a dog walker. LOCAL TEXAS CANDIDATES ONLY! 
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  HADDONFIELD, NJ- Incredible, active family in this beautiful suburb outside of Philadelphia is looking for a consistent, professional and loving NANNY to work 36 hrs a week guaranteed! Hours are typically heavy afternoons 12/1-7PM; Pay is $20-25/hr, DOE + PTO. Car provided while on the job, must have DL and pristine driving record! They have three children; their two older kids (boy and girl ages 16 and 15) just started high school and their youngest is a loving, energetic 3-year-old girl! The teens are are at school on Monday and Tuesday from 7:40 - 12:30; W-F virtually from home. Their son is on the basketball team and has practice most late afternoons or nights. Their 3 year old goes to pre school from 8:30-11:30 Monday - Friday. She then has virtual sessions in the afternoon from home. She has low muscle tone & an under developed Cerebellum at birth and still has some balancing issues. You wouldn't know if you just saw her running around and playing but she does need supervision when doing things that require balance or other gross motor skill activities; but she does present ADHD as a result. Their teenagers are polite, respectful, and a little on the quiet side but are also extremely helpful with their 3-year-old, the dog, and our home. They will not require a lot of assistance from the nanny, but instead will be able to help the nanny when the parents are not home. Their 3-year-old is high energy; she loves to play, paint, and play with their dog (3-month-old pug). There is limited pet care, maybe filling his bowl and or taking a walk here and there. Their daughter sleeps about 11 hours a night and her waking hours are very active - she doesn't rest very often until they set something up for her to rest like reading a book, watching a movie, etc. She is a lot of fun and has a great, strong personality. Like most 3-year-olds, she knows what she wants and sometimes requires a lot of patience! Ideal candidate has ample experience working with toddlers; is creative and fun but also stern and able to divert attention, positive or negative as needed! They are a very active family with many things going on each day. A great Nanny will help them function more smoothly as a family, be a great companion and parent like figure to the 3 year old enriching her life and giving the parents' relief as well. The MB's mom, lives with them as well, so they have 3 generations of family in their home. Grandmas does not require any assistance; they have many traditions, especially for holidays and for birthdays, and they would love to welcome a great nanny into our family to help celebrate these things as well! Occasionally, they may want some flexibility. There could be situations where they would offer to bring the nanny on vacation with them and potentially helping overnight, of course compensated; someone who is ultimately flexible and open to travel is a plus! They are ideally looking for someone who is respectful, patient, active, energetic, honest, and a good communicator. They would like to work with someone that has a positive attitude and wants to become close with their family.
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Job Locations US-MA-Hopkinton
HOPKINTON, MA (LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY)-Wonderful parents between Boston (30 miles) and Worcester (25 miles) is seeking a TEMPORARY PART-TIME NANNY for their 6.5-year-old boy and 3-year-old girl Thursday and Fridays from 8am-6pm while parents work from home. Position is slated to start February 25th and will last 8-10 weeks in duration. Their eldest does remote schooling from 9am-3pm. He is self sufficient and just needs help logging on to his Zoom classes and making sure he completes his work. No teaching is required. Primary care is for the 3-year-old while her brother is learning remotely; keeping her actively engaged, occupied with arts and crafts, etc. Additional duties include only light housekeeping (cleaning up after meals/snacks and picking up after the children/keeping play and common areas neat and tidy). Meals and snacks will be provided and prepped and ready to serve. Pay is $25-32/hour.
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  NATIONWIDE SEARCH: BOSTON, MA-  Busy professionals with girls ages 1 and 3 years old and 4-months are looking for a COLLEGE EDUCATED, PROFESSIONAL FULL-TIME LIVE-IN / LIVE OUT NANNY to join their bustling household! Pay is negotiable $25/hr + full comprehensive package. You have your own floor, with bedroom and bathroom if you are to live in.   They are open to a few different arrangements for the best fit!  Option 1: 7 am- 7 pm, Option 2: 40 hours per week, Option 3: Part-time hours per week. The two oldest children attend Montessori school part-time. Dad himself is from Europe and went to a Waldorf Steiner school as a child. They believe in empowering their children and encouraging independence. Respect and love is at the forefront of this household!  They are looking for a nanny who works respectfully with children and who loves them. Ideally, the nanny will have a love of education and have a college degree themselves. Bonus if the nanny is trained, experienced, or familiar with Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio, and/or RIE approaches. A child-led nurturing person is most important.  The nanny is responsible for providing a screen-free day for the girls. The family's apartment is across from a beautiful park where you can take the children for walks. All duties are child-related; caring for their physical and emotional needs. Meal preparation for the children only. The family is open to relocating a nanny from another state. No driving required. 
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Job Locations US-TX-Dallas
    DALLAS, TX-Busy CEOs are seeking a FULL-TIME NANNY/HOUSE MANAGER to care for their 2-year-old boy and 9-year-old daughter, with whom they have 50% custody. Position is LIVE OUT and open to LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY. Hours are from 7am-6pm Monday, 7am-9pm Tuesday and from 7am-6pm Wednesday-Friday (58 hours/week). They put firm boundaries on work hours. They are consistent and fixed. On a typical day, a nanny arrives at 7am, helps with breakfast, packs lunches, gets the kids dressed for school and sees that they make their beds and tidy their rooms (they teach responsibility at a young age). Both children attend school. The eldest is in school from 7:30am-3pm and needs to be dropped off Mondays and Fridays and picked up on Fridays when she has weekends with the family. The youngest is in school from 8:45am-12:45pm Monday-Friday. The nanny is responsible for both pick up and drop off of children. Family car is provided. In a pandemic-free world, they would look to their nanny to plan and take the children to activities and outings, such as the zoo, museums, parks and playdates.  Their son is very physically active and loves to spend time outdoors. They seek a nanny who is willing to get on his level and play! They are looking for a nanny who is active and engaging. They see caregivers as one of the most essential parts of their family's ability to function well. They seek a nanny who is energetic and fun loving but draws strong boundaries and has a definite authority. They want their children to be well mannered and need someone who will work with parents to reinforce those things. Someone who can collaborate with the parents to do what is best for the children. Parents raise their children a certain way, demand respect and need the nanny to be consistent and on the same page. While the children are at school, the nanny will put on the house manager hat and complete activities necessary for the management of the home.  This individual will be responsible for all household management tasks such as ordering and unpacking groceries (ordered online and delivered); picking up the 9-year-old’s ADHD medication and dropping it off at her mom’s; family laundry; watering herbs on the patio; receiving packages, etc. They will liaison with all home vendors to keep maintenance of the home/pool/lawn. No cleaning is required, as they have housekeepers. A technology driven and enabled individual is a must.  They will be provided an iPhone complete with all necessary APPs to complete the job and they will be responsible for communicating with the family and personal assistant on all matters related to the children and/or home. Parents are both CEOs and business owners. In a pandemic-free world, they travel for work but only do so when absolutely necessary. Their travels also take them to South Africa in December and Lebanon during the summer. Trips to South Africa are optional as they want their nanny to spend holidays with their own family, but they would love for their nanny to travel with them to Lebanon. They also travel to their ranch in West Texas with their nanny. Both parents have their pilot license. Overnights may be required for long weekends 1-3 times per year when both parents travel.  They are a family of unique and pronounced personalities with high energy and high expectations. They take family very seriously, see their nanny as a part of their family and treat them as one of their own. On the flip side, they have very high expectations for each other, including their nanny. They do not shy away from conflict and have open and honest conversations. They need someone who is willing to have frank conversations, own their mistakes, be willing to grow.  They have a cat and large English Sheep dog who is very active but goes to daycare every day. No dog fears or allergies! Benefits include overtime, paid sick days, holidays and health insurance. Start date is ASAP.
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   Local Candidates only! LOS ANGELES, CA - Two moms who are also resource (or foster) parents in West Adams are looking for a FULL-TIME NANNY for their two-year-old son and new baby (or babies, most likely twins) as early as late February! Their plan is to adopt the child/ren they foster. They are a fun, artsy household and are looking for someone who will serve as a third parent, someone who is a team player, hands-on, proactive, engaging and fully committed to the well-being of their child(ren) and family overall.  Ideal candidate has a background working with multiple children at once, particularly infants and toddlers, is able to manage multiple children at once and also has an education and or passion for Early Childhood Education and or Child Development.  They are looking for someone who is mature, educated, fun & lively-- someone who will challenge their children intellectually, emotionally and physically. Must be ok with shifting roles as needed, no task is too big or too small.  You will be responsible for helping to run errands, light housekeeping, keeping track of inventory, schedules, facilitating play and activities, meal prep & cooking for the kids and their laundry.  Must love animals, they have two male cats and a senior chihuahua.  Their son is so sweet, curious and an independent child; he is playful and always listening. He is extremely affectionate and loves other kids!  Ideal candidate is attentive, flexible & easy-going, resourceful and creative! They are looking for someone to provide consistency, structure and stimulation overall. Must be punctual and willing and able to stay later and or travel with them as needed .  Must be a competent swimmer as they have a pool! Pay is commensurate with experience $20-30/hr, DOE via payroll + PTO + reimbursement for gas & mileage when using your car while on the job.  Must have DL and a pristine driving record.  Ideal candidate is looking for growth and wanting to make a long-term commitment!
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Job Locations US-TX-Austin
  AUSTIN, TX (LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY)-Incredible single mom in Tarrytown is seeking a FULL-TIME NANNY for her 9-year-old twin boys (third grade). Schedule is ideally a split shift from 7-10am and 2-7pm Monday-Friday but can be a single shift schedule from 1-7/7:30pm Monday-Friday if desired by the right candidate. Mom gets the boys and everything ready to go in the mornings but needs help taking them to school (7-8am). If desired, nanny can come back to the home after school drop off from 8-10am to help with kids’ laundry and meal planning/prep, and errands, or can come back in the afternoon to complete these tasks before the kids need to be picked up from school at 3pm. Pay for 40 hours/week is guaranteed whether or not all 40 hours are worked. Some weeks may only require 30-35 hours. They attend two different schools in person. One is 3 blocks from the home and the other is in Hyde Park. Mom will take one child and the nanny will drop off the other. MUST HAVE A SAFE, RELIABLE CAR. Both schools have had strict COVID-19 policies in place to prevent breakouts and remain open. If there is a breakout and the schools move to a remote plan, nanny will be asked to help them log in to their classes via Zoom. No TEACHING IS REQUIRED, just oversight to make sure that they complete their work and stay on task. There are occasional school holidays/teacher development days, or days when a child is home sick that the nanny would be needed for and would be paid for the additional hours. The kids get home by 3pm and have a snack, complete homework and daily reading, playtime, dinner, shower, and are generally in bed by 7:45 pm. They will have soccer practice after school some days as well. Duties include school pick up and drop off, help with homework, meal planning/prep for the kids, running occasional errands (groceries, mail drop off, birthday present shopping, etc.) and helping to keep the home neat and tidy. They have regular housekeepers, and the boys are held responsible for picking up after themselves and doing chores. Nanny is expected to help remind and teach them to be responsible for contributing to the household. The boys are creative, and fun kiddos! They both play soccer, love to ride bikes, have lots of friends and are typical kids. They mind well and are motivated by positive reinforcement for good behavior, and clarity on limits/consequences for poor behavior. One of the boys is a dyslexic learner but his ability to navigate his reading challenges is helped by making sure he has eaten before trying to do any schoolwork. The boys share a room, and sometimes distract each other while trying to do the daily chores (make their bed, hang up their towel, get dirty clothes in the hamper, etc). Mom is consistent in working with them on self-sufficiency and responsibility for your own self-care. They are very capable and are treated with that expectation (setting the table, clearing their dishes, etc). They are a simple, non-smoking household with no pets. Mom has a great, long-term relationship with past nannies. She is a fair and professional employer who is truly looking for a co-parent/partner to help in raising her children. She is transparent and open, works to empower her nanny and never undercuts her nanny’s authority. She is respectful of the workplace and leaves it clean but expects the same in return at the end of the day. This is a true partnership! The ideal candidate is caring, a self-starter, creative, responsible and very reliable caretaker. The boys need oversight of homework, transportation to/from local activities, reminding to use manners and be kind to others, building self-sufficiency, responsibility and respect for others. Someone who sets limits and boundaries but is warm and empathetic and can motivate through positive reinforcement and model positive behaviors. They have found that offering two choices instead of direct, harsh consequences works best for the boys. Must be able to think through how to avoid distractions when the boys are completing tasks. They have very little screen time in the house. They are COVID concerned and ask that their nanny vigilantly follow all CDC guidelines with a heightened awareness (no indoor dining, large family/friend gatherings indoors without a mask, etc.) Pay is commensurate with experience and will be on the books via payroll. Benefits include paid sick days, holidays and vacation. Start date is ASAP (2/15).
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  TARZANA, CA - LGBT family (two moms) looking for a PART-TIME SPECIAL NEEDS NANNY for their 11-year-old son who is non-verbal and Autistic on Fridays 8AM-7PM and if you are seeking more hours, they can guarantee 9 additional hours that are mutually beneficial spread over the week in the afternoon or on the weekends. Respite care worker experience is preferred, but not required. You must be willing to work as a Respite Provider (they pay on top of what the respite agency); must be willing to get vaccinated ASAP (eligible now as a respite provider) and must be willing to wear a mask at all times (except as designated). Driving (and clean license) is required --they have a Honda minivan you can use working, their son enjoys car rides. Special skills include primarily experience with autism, preferably severe autism. ABA background or classroom aide background would be a plus. Swimming is a plus, but they do not require someone in the water with him but in an emergency you should know how. They have five cats, so no allergies or aversions to cats! Must be reliable, competent, flexible, caring, and able to deal with a very strong, sometimes aggressive/self-injurious but usually sweet 11 year old who is nonverbal and uses an ipad to communicate. Must be able to do his online school and therapy sessions with him.
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  NATIONWIDE SEARCH- NEW YORK, NY- Incredible family in DUMBO looking for a FULL-TIME NANNY or MANNY who is a true professional looking for LONG-TERM commitment. Hours are typically 8AM-6:30PM. Driver will pick you up and take you to and from their house. They are willing to pay for your rent (1 bedroom apartment nearby) in addition to a salary of 60-65k annual, DOE + PTO. They have two children ages almost 8 years and newly turned 1-year-old. Ideal candidate is someone looking to grow with their family, who is fully dedicated to the job (not clocking in and out) and who has had ample experience working with both toddlers and school-aged kids. Their eldest son is in online school full-time and has a tutor. They also have a second nanny who currently works just with their eldest three days during the week and on the weekends. You are primarily in charge of the one-year-old, but there are days you will have both/ must be able to manage both children at once. Someone who is knowledgeable and skilled in Early Childhood Development and or Early Childhood Education is preferred; they are looking for someone to bring something special to the table! Interest in sports, skateboarding, music, swimming, etc. is a plus! Must be OK with light housekeeping (have the 'no task it too big or too small' mentality), groceries, meal prep , taking the dogs out time to time and always be thinking ahead. They have a full-time housekeeper, so no deep cleaning required or expected. Looking for someone who is laid back and flexible, someone who is a career nanny, able to travel with them and work extra hours (nights and or weekends) as needed! You must be experienced in and able to keep stock on inventory; have the ability to anticipate needs, organize and plan ahead, maintain schedule and facilitate activities that are developmentally appropriate. Looking for someone who is dedicated to nurturing their youngest and is willing and able to challenge him emotionally, physically and intellectually! Ideal candidate has a great personality, is easy-going, always wanting to help, gets along well with others and absolutely loves children!
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  NATIONWIDE SEARCH! COLCHESTER, VT- Wonderful family outside of Burlington Vermont is looking for a FULL-TIME PROFESSIONAL NANNY M-F 9AM-5PM for their one-year-old boy! Both parents will be working from home, but you will primarily have full autonomy. They prefer that someone LIVES IN through rest of quarantine until the pandemic is over/ vaccines are distributed.  They have a mini Lab but no pet care required, must love dogs.  You will be responsible for all duties pertaining to the children (cooking, laundry, light cleaning, running errands, etc).  Pay is open, $20-25/hr + PTO (four weeks paid vacation + sick days and stipend towards health insurance). They are open to helping someone relocate from another state. They live in an exclusive community of 12 homes on Lake Champlain called Mallets Bay Club, 15 minutes from downtown Burlington. They have a large yard for playing as well as trails and paths throughout 74 acres of shared land. Ideal candidaet loves to be outdoors, loves the snow, playing in the snow and swimming-- being active is imperative!  You will also be responsile for some household chores (dishwasher, keeping play areas clean and running curbside pick up errands).  The lake is just steps away and has a sandy beach for playing, so must be a competent swimmer! The community is very quiet. They have ample parking; nanny preferably has her own car and they will provide gas + mileage reimbursement, however this is NOT a deal breaker! They are looking for someone who is warm, loving and engaging; someone who in resourceful & creative and who comes prepared to try new activities with their son and really plays with him. Theo loves being outdoors so ideally their nanny does too. Ideally, candidate has experience with both toddlers and newborns, and working with multiple children at once! They are taking COVID very seriously and will require that their nanny does, too. They also prefer is that a nanny who will get their flu shot. They are open to a candidate who would have to bring their child to work with them. They do not allow their son to watch tv or use devices, and they expect their nanny to limit use of devices around him to emergency use only or to communicate with the parents only. They would love to find someone who will stay with their family for a long time, so please only serious candidates apply!   
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Job Locations US-CA-Bellflower
  LOS ANGELES, CA- Moms in Bellflower searching for the FULL-TIME LIVE OUT local NANNY with twin experience, M-F 9AM-5PM.  They are looking for someone who is hyper-sensitive around Covid and will wear a mask while on the job; someone who falls on the 0-1 on the Covid Risk Tolerance Scale. They have boy/girl 9-month-old TWINS-- their son is curious, active, tactile and joyful, their daughter is sweet, curious, vocal and happy. Both parents work from home, so must be ok with them being around even though you will primarily have full autonomy. Ideal candidate is laid-back, loving, easygoing; has a positive demeanor, is a team player, and great communicator! They are searching for someone who is extremely reliable, consistent and punctual! Someone who is five minutes early is imperative. You will be responsible for all childcare related duties including cooking and laundry for the children. Someone who can manage both kids at once and help them develop intellectually, physically and emotionally is paramount. One child is 32 lbs (so heavy lifting is needed) and the other child has mild hip dysplasia so cannot sit unsupported and/or unsupervised. They have one older shitzu-poodle, but no pet care required. No driving needed now, but they will provide a call for you to drive if needed in the future. Again, they have a SUPER conservative approach to COVID (don't see anyone outside of household, quarantine mail, clean all items coming into household, only go out to do what is essential and avoid non-essential outings), so looking for someone who shares their same approach.
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Job Locations US-CA-Napa
  NAPA/ SAN FRANCISCO, CA- Lovely, laid-back young family from San Francisco (quarantined in Napa) looking for a FULL-TIME LIVE-IN NANNY for their son who is 17-months-old. He is one happy, curious little guy. Hours are Sunday-Thursday 7AM-3PM, Pay is $30-40/HR. Fridays and Saturdays OFF. They are seeking someone who is extremely invested in his well-being and overall growth! They are providing a private guest house that has an en-suite bathroom with shower and kitchenette upstairs (gym downstairs). Biggest thing for them is having someone fully experience in early childhood development; someone who is super passionate about education and will help him hit milestones; guide him appropriately and help challenge him intellectually, emotionally and physically. There is the chance that they will move back to the city, and they have accommodations for you there as well when the time comes. Post covid, they would love for you to travel with them. Must have a valid DL, car provided while on the job. Ideally, they are looking for someone who is also laid0back, gentle, loving, honest; someone with high integrity who is kind, and has a strong background in teaching and or child development. They do not have any pets and there are no known special needs or allergies at this time. You will be responsible for all childcare related duties including but not limited to: diapers, helping with potty training, meal prep & cooking, laundry, light housekeeping, facilitating play and arts & crafts, games, activities, etc. 
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Job Locations US-NY-Newburgh
  NEWBURGH, NY-Amazing mom living in the HUDSON VALLEY is looking for a FULL-TIME NANNY to help care for her 18-year-old son with Down Syndrome. He has had the same caretaker since he was an infant who primarily cares for him 3-4 days per week, but they are looking for a second caregiver to help from 7:30am-3:30pm Monday-Friday as well as from 10am-6pm either Saturday or Sunday. Primary responsibility is to oversee his virtual homeschooling 3-4 days per week. This does not require a teaching degree, just a bit of tech savviness to help navigate his Google Classrooms app on this iPad and Zoom, which is easy to do, just not for him. This responsibility includes sitting with him, supervising his virtual schooling and ensuring he participates in his schoolwork.  Duties also include making him breakfast, changing him and getting him ready for school. His long-time nanny is there 3-4 days per week and arrives at 9:30am and takes care of the cooking and caretaking as well. He is nonverbal but is easy to understand and communicate with. The ideal candidate has experience working with persons with special needs such as Down Syndrome, autism, nonverbal, etc.  Nanny must be comfortable helping him with activities of daily living. He loves to swim, play ball, and listen to music. Nanny will initially work alongside mom, who is very hands on, and their daytime nanny to learn about child’s personality and needs for a few weeks before transitioning to full autonomy. Out of precaution due to COVID-19, candidates MUST be from the HUDSON VALLEY and have their OWN VEHICLE (NO USE OF PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION or commuting to and from NYC). Must also be willing to be tested for COVID-19 or strictly quarantine for 2 weeks prior to start. Pay is open DOE. Start date is ASAP!
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Job Locations US-TX-Thousand Oaks
THOUSAND OAKS, CA/MINNEAPOLIS, MN (OPEN TO ALL US CANDIDATES)-Wonderful midwestern family is seeking a FULL-TIME, LIVE-IN NANNY for their two energetic 5- and 3.5-year-old boys. They also have a 13-year-old daughter who spends half of her time with the family and does not require care. She is typically a great help with her younger brothers! Hours are from 9am-5:30pm Monday-Friday. They split their time between their homes in Minneapolis and Thousand Oaks, CA. End of December-March is spent in California while remaining months are spent in Minnesota. Must be okay with COLD but beautiful winters! They travel by RV, which typically takes 3 days to get from one home to the other and stay in RV parks while on the road. They abide by the nanny’s hours while traveling. Live in accommodations in both homes consist of a private, furnished bedroom. The bathroom in the CA home is shared for now but will be remodeled into a private bathroom in the next year. Their home in California has a pool (must be a strong swimmer!), is 20 minutes from the beach and is right by beautiful trails. Both boys are energetic with active imaginations and senses of humor. The eldest is more reserved and self-directs to work projects, like art and Legos. The youngest prefers physical activity to sitting and doing projects. They are looking for a nanny who can help incorporate educational activities in their days to keep them up to speed and prepared for preschool and kindergarten. Thus, they are seeking a candidate with a DEGREE or BACKGROUND in EDUCATION. The family has a lot of educational tools for the nanny to put to use! Additional duties include meal prep and laundry for the kids, as well as keeping their play and common areas neat and tidy. They have been practicing COVID-19 precautions and ask for their nanny to do the same in limiting exposure and any pre-approved external outings, wearing a mask and social-distancing. They seek a nanny who is firm but fun. Someone who can handle discipline and the chaos that ensues with two young boys. Must be engaging and playful! The boys are great listeners but need to be engaged and interacted with (not set in front of a screen). Pay is $20-25/hour. Benefits include paid sick days, holidays and vacation. Start date is ASAP!
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Job Locations US-NY-Larchmont
  LARCHMONT, NY- Active family in beautiful neighborhood is looking for a FULL-TIME long-term, live-out local (to NY or CT) NANNY for their three boys: 8 year old twins and 9 year old! Hours are M-F 7AM-6PM. Pay is target salary $70-75,000 annual (via payroll, factoring in hourly + 15 hrs of overtime) for 55 hrs/wk guaranteed.  Your responsibilities include getting to the house by 7AM, helping the boys get up, have breakfast and dropping them off at their tutoring pod from 8:30AM-11:30AM; picking up from their pod, bringing home for lunch, then taking them to school 12:30PM-3PM. You will then pick them up after-school, have their snack prepped, and they can play with kids in the neighborhood. Mom will relieve you at 6PM. Dad is WFH right now but mom is not. In the Summer, the boys are in camp or at the beach club. In the Fall 2021, the boys will be in school full-time 9AM-3PM. They are looking for someone who will help with all duties related to the children; organization, light housekeeping, meal prep & cooking, laundry, running errands, etc. The children are energetic, intelligent, thoughtful, loving, playful, curious and active. They love to play games, electronics, outside and sports. They need someone who is proactive, quick-on-their-feet, nurturing, trustworthy and honest. Ideal candidate is trustworthy, reliable, genuine, professional and has sound judgement. Must be flexible and willing to work nights and or overnights as needed! Must have pristine driving record and valid DL, family car provided to use while on the job.
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Job Locations US-TX-Dallas
DALLAS, TX (LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY!)-Fabulous parents in North Dallas are seeking a FULL-TIME NANNY for their smart and inquisitive almost 3-year-old boy and happy, easy 6-month-old baby girl.  LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY. Hours are from 8am-6pm Monday-Thursday and 8am-4:30pm Friday. Both parents will be working from home during the pandemic but are slated to return to the office in early 2021 or when the pandemic clears. They are taking COVID very seriously with a young infant in the home and are trying to social distance / self-isolate as much as possible. As such, they request that their nanny be willing to significantly limit their outside interactions and follow strict social distancing protocols until the COVID pandemic subsides and/or there is a vaccine available. Once COVID is no longer a threat, their eldest will be in preschool from 8am-3pm Monday-Friday. He will likely return for fall 2021 (TBD based on the pandemic). Nanny will be asked to pick him up from school a few days per week. Nanny will have responsibility for both children when he is home from school, during summers and school breaks. Once COVID eases, they will have a weekly housekeeper and doggy daycare arranged for their Goldendoodle. Duties in addition to complete childcare include simple preparation of daily lunch and occasional dinners for children - generally reheating or simple preparation of food prepped by parents – and occasional laundry as needed for children only. Infant will require bottle feeding throughout the day on a schedule to be determined. There is an opportunity for occasional weekend/evening hours if desired. They also have family close by to help with this. They seek a nanny who is RESPONSIBLE, KIND and DEPENDABLE. Someone who they can depend on day in and out and someone who treats their children with kindness and respect, while respecting boundaries and schedules. The ideal candidate is fun-loving and happy to get on the floor and play with the kids, who will find new and fun ways to engage with them on an ongoing basis, while also sticking to a schedule that will make their children feel safe & secure. They follow a gentle parenting approach. On a tactical note, they seek a candidate who is comfortable dealing with food allergies as both of their children have several food allergies that need to be closely managed (parents will help with that!). Must be a confident driver with a clean driving record (family car provided while on the job). Ideally, they would like to find someone who becomes an extended family member, who they can work with for a number of years. The goal would be for this to be a long-term relationship! They are down-to-earth, fun-loving parents who love to explore the world with their kids through new experiences and travel. They always make the children their number one priority even in the face of demanding jobs. Benefits include paid sick days, holidays and vacation. Pay is $20-25/hour. Start date is ASAP. Must be fully vaccinated (including annual influenza, tdap, COVID-19 vaccine when widely available and deemed to be safe, etc).
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Job Locations US-TX-Austin
AUSTIN, TX-Amazing parents near Zilker are seeking a PART-TIME nanny to care for their 9-year-old girl and 7-year-old boy after school from 2-6pm Monday-Friday. Evening flexibility is great but not required. They’d also love flexibility to work when the children are not in school (excluding summers). Their daughter was recently diagnosed with ADHD. They’d love to work with a caregiver that has specific experience on this area, particularly impulse control and how to navigate it. ADHD experience is a plus but not a deal breaker! They really just need someone who can come in with an understanding of what ADHD looks like in practice and a willingness to learn. Both kids are talkative, active and creative. They love to spend time outside. Duties include picking the kids up from school at 3pm (must have safe, reliable car), taking them to after-school activities, snack and dinner prep, dishes, kids’ laundry, sweeping kitchen area/keeping common area tidy, helping with homework and bath, etc. They have a weekly housekeeper. MUST be RELIABLE and PUNCTUAL. Both parents work full time, so being on time and there each day is of utmost importance. Benefits include paid sick days, holidays and vacation. Pay is $18-25/hour depending on experience (specifically experience with ADHD). Start date is ASAP!
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Job Locations US-NC-Chapel Hill
DURHAM, NC (LOCAL CANDIDATE ONLY)- Wonderful single mom is seeking a nanny for her 3-year-old son from 8:30am-3:30pm Monday, Tuesday and Friday. If more hours are desired, nanny is welcome to also care for the child at his father’s home, which is 12-15 minutes away on Wednesdays and Thursdays. At a minimum, care is needed Monday, Tuesday and Friday. They are looking for someone who is able to help with homeschooling during the day and assist child with completing home-school activities and assignments (materials/packet provided!). Additional duties include meal/snack prep (for child only), playing and putting down for a nap. He is fully potty trained and is able to dress himself. No pets are in the home. Must be trustworthy, reliable and a non-smoker. A plus if you speak Spanish! Pay is $15-18/hour. Start date is ASAP!
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