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  DALLAS, TX- Extremely busy parents in COPPELL looking for a RELIABLE & FLEXIBLE NANNY to join their family!  They have one 13-month-old vivacious, curious and fearless boy.  Ideal hours are MWF 6AM-11AM and Tuesdays and Thursdays 1PM- 6PM; however, they are willing to guarantee anywhere from 20-30 hrs/wk, depending on the candidate.  Pay is $22-25/hr, DOE.  They are also hoping that this candidate will grow with them (as they expand their family) and you will transition into a more full-time position down the road.  Someone looking for a long-term commitment is imperative! Nanny must be up to date on all vaccinations (TDAP, MMR, etc.) and is willing to get flu shot annually. They do have one chronically ill cat (but are not sure how much more time he has), no allergies and love for animals in general is preferred. They are looking for someone who will help create a safe and stimulating environment for their son.  You will be responsible for all things childcare related including but not limited to bathing & dressing, changing diapers and potty-training; children’s laundry & light housekeeping, keeping inventory and organizing; planning meals, preparing food, and/or feeding the child(ren).  You will be responsible for arranging playdates and facilitating outings; creating educating activities and crafts, etc.  You will be responsible for transporting the child in your own car (gas & mileage reimbursement provided) and wrangling to extracurriculars, etc. The ideal candidate will tailor activities to their child's interests, developmental abilities, and personality as well as communicate effectively with both the child and the parents. Ultimately, they are looking for someone with a high level of emotional intelligence.  Ideal candidate is reliable, trustworthy, and able to discipline according to their parenting style; nurturing, kind, active, creative, and interacts well with children of all ages!  
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  BEVERLY HILLS, CA - Celebrity clients looking for a FULL-TIME ROTATIONAL NANNY to join their busy household! They have one three-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter.  You will work with the other full-time nanny to determine schedules (typically alternating WEEKDAY and WEEKEND coverage).  You will have full autonomy. Must get along well with others, have a great attitude, sunny disposition, lots of energy and someone who exudes positive energy overall.  Hours are typically 6:30AM-7:30PM; Pay is $27/hr regular rate + overtime and $100 per diem when ever staying overnight or traveling.  You must be flexible to work overnights and or travel, even though it is very rarely requested. Eldest is in school part-time and youngest will also be enrolling in the future. Must be able to swim, be hands-on, fun and engaging!  Ideal candidate can develop age appropriate activities and help them hit milestones.  The parents do all of the driving so no driving while on the job required; must have an active DL in case of emergencies.  Must also be willing to work Thursday and or Sunday date nights (depending on your shift that week) as needed. You will be responsible for all childcare related duties; they have one cat and one dog, so no allergies please.  They prefer someone with a college degree and multiple years of professional nanny experience.  Having a wonderful, easygoing, upbeat personality is paramount! LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY!  
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Job Locations US-MD-Bethesda
  OPEN TO ALL US CANDIDATES: BETHESDA, MD- Wonderful family (parents in their 30s) in a suburb outside of Washington, D.C. is looking for FULL-TIME LIVE IN OR LIVE OUT NANNY to join their loving family including three kids (5 and 4-year-old girls) and 8-month-old boy.  The girls are in school full-time M-F 8:30AM-3PM. The eldest child has autoimmune disease, dairy allergy, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder & Anxiety. Parents participate in PCIT therapy (Parent-Child Interaction Therapy) and would hope for you to attend some sessions with them in effort to avoid power struggles and help her flourish.  Candidates who have experience working with kids with these disorders is a plus. Mom is stay at home and you will be mom’s work wife essentially; and help with drop-offs and pick-ups, etc.  Communication is absolutely essential!  Looking for someone who is completely trustworthy and professional; warm, loving, and nurturing but can also be firm, have boundaries and set limits.  Experience with sleep training and potty-training a plus. Need someone who is hands on and willing to do whatever it takes (emptying the dishwasher, laundry, surface cleaning/ tidying and organizing; help with running errands and maintaining their household)! Hours are split shifts M-F 6:30/7AM-9AM (helping getting the kids off to school) and then again 3-7PM. 40 hours guaranteed but hours will vary based on their schedules. Candidate must have a go-with-the-flow mentality overall, must be willing to switch hours as needed (hence, why a live-in is ideal scenario as the girls’ schedules vary with school/ breaks and summer). They would also expect for you to travel with them 2-3 times a year.  They are looking for someone who wants to become in essence part of their family; and you will be treated as an extension of the parents. They do have one small Yorkie, so no fears or allergies!  The living accommodations as of now include a room in finished basement plus private bathroom and separate laundry room.  Thee will provide you with a car. Salary is open within the $55-65,000 range (with room to grow) depending on work history/experience, level of education + monthly health insurance stipend.  They will be building a house so your living accommodations will most likely transition to a private pool house or casita. 
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Job Locations US-MD-Owings Mills
  OWINGS MILLS, MD- Plastic Surgeon and Real Estate developer looking for evening care for their 15-month-old son M-Th 5PM-9PM and Fridays 5PM-10PM. Ideal candidate is a mother themselves with older children.  Pay is $18-25/hr, DOE.  LIVE OUT LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY! They will consider either for the best fit!  Their son is very happy and loves to laugh!  Ideal candidate is thoroughly engaged with him; has a background working with this age group and looking to make a long-term commitment.  They have one Springer Spaniel puppy and he is in love with their newest addition!  You will be responsible for all childcare related duties (laundry, cooking, light houseekping) and helping with nighttime routine (meal prep, bathtime, reading, and putting down for bed).  Ideal candidate is super loving and nuturing; patient and calm; and loves to implement learning into developmentally appropriate activities! Start date is ASAP!
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Job Locations US-PA-Philadelphia
    MEDIA, PA- Amazing family outside of Philadelphia looking for a warm, engaging and reliable educated NANNY M-F for their almost five- year-old daughter and 2- year-old son.  They are offering 25 hours per week for the long-term. The children are in daycare full-time and their oldest will be going to Kindergarten starting in the Fall.  They are ideally looking for someone to become another member of the family, who can help two busy parents raise their kids! In an ideal world, the nanny would stay with them for several years as their  children grow up and would help them develop. The ideal nanny would be friendly and flexible, should take initiative, and should make suggestions for activities, meals, and other aspects of their kids' lives. You will be responsible for all childcare related duties inclyding cooking and laundry and light housekeeping; wrangling to and from school and activities.  Someone who can help with homework when the time comes, and with Arts & Crafts and or projects is also appreciated! Both children are very happy, outgoing and active. They love to run around and play inside & outside, but will also be happy to stop and watch a movie time to time.  They get along extremely well. Both are smart and generally well-behaved! Someone who has prior experience working with multiple children at once is a plus. Must have a reliable car and pristine driving record; they will compensate for gas & mileage when using your car on the job. Pay is $20-25/hr via payroll, depending on experience. 
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Job Locations US-NY-New York
  NEW YORK, NY- Wonderful family in Chelsea looking for a TWO NANNIES (ONE FULL-TIME, immediate need: hours are from 7:30AM-4:30PM, M-F) and ONE PART TIME (starting this Summer: from 3:30/4:30PM-8:30PM, M-F) for their exceptional 18-month-old daughter!  They are ideally looking for someone college educated who has a great, fun, upbeat and positive attitude. Someone who is a great communicator, can have easy dialogue with the parents.  Ideal nannies are responsible, organized and hands-on!  The most important thing to them is that you are really positive and invested in their child’s life.  Communication is of utmost importance!  Pay is $22+/hr, depending on experience + PTO, sick days and metro card.  Option for bonuses and access to fully stocked kitchen.  They would love for you to be able to travel with them; they don’t travel a ton but would love the option for you to accompany them if desired. Ideal candidate is looking to grow with their family long-term. Come September, the two- year- old will be in school full-time. You will be responsible for taking to and from school.; meal prep, cooking, laundry and light housekeeping for child.  She is a super loveable little girl with high energy who is so happy and positive.   Parents are level-headed and easy to talk to;  they  just absolutely adore their child and want to have a great relationship with anyone who joins their family!
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Job Locations US-CA-Tustin
  TUSTIN, CA – Wonderful family looking for a PART-TIME NANNY guaranteed 18-20 hrs/week long-term. Pay is open depending on experience. They have her in preschool now but want that 1:1 care for their ten-month-old girl.  Example schedule could be M, Tue and Weds 8AM-3PM. They are also very early expecting so must be willing to grow with their family!  Ideal candidate is caring, nurturing, patient, smart and into teaching while playing and experienced!  Ideal candidate is committed and flexible; fun and creative, active and engaging! You will be responsible for cooking for the children, laundry and driving her to and from activities, etc.   
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Job Locations US-CA-Los Angeles
  LOS ANGELES, CA - Amazing family in the process of relocating from the Bay Area to the westside are looking for a FULL-TIME to transition to PART-TIME NANNY in the Fall.  You will start now working M-F 8AM-6PM for their two children ages 5 (boy) and 2 (girl) and come September reduce to 30 hrs/wk. Pay is $25-30/hr gross via payroll. First and foremost, they are looking for a nanny who will feel like an extended part of their family, keeping the kids safe and caring for them as if they were their own.  Their ideal candidate has proven interest in Early Childhood Development, ideally with past teaching experience. Must be creative about coming up with age-appropriate activities, and keeping the children engaged and help them grow. Ideal candidate will create sensory play, counting, Arts & Crafts, etc.; someone who is warm, loving and has great energy overall. Must be able to navigate two very different personalities and multiple children at once. They like to keep their house extremely tidy and organized. They are germaphobes so respect for that is important. They will need some flexibility during the week for someone to come a little earlier or stay a little later based on parents’ work schedules.  They would love a nanny who has the ability to do date nights on evenings or weekends, but if this is not feasible, it's not a dealbreaker. Keep in mind, they will be putting their youngest in school in September. The job will go either part-time at that point or it is understood if you have to search for something else more full-time. 
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Job Locations US-TX-Beaumont
  BEAUMONT, TX- Wonderful family looking for a PART-TIME NANNY 2:30-6:30PM M-F afterschool for their six-year-old daughter and three-year-old son! You will be responsible for after-school pick up, take the children to and from extracurriculars (if any), then back home to help with homework, dinner. Ideal candidate is flexible and has a great attitude is important; and someone who is looking to make a long-term commitment preferred. They need someone who is compassionate, patient and kind; someone who understands the gravity of trusting their children's care to someone else. They are looking for someone who will put their children's safety and welfare above all while they are in your care and commit to their family long-term!
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Job Locations US-TX-Austin
AUSTIN, TX- Family relocating from LA to NW Hills/ Tarrytown (TBD) looking for a reliable, professional nanny to work a guaranteed 25 hrs a week (with possibility of up to 40) M-F for their 4-year-old boy and 2-year-old girl. Typical hours are M-W 2PM-6:30PM, Thurs 2PM-10PM and Fridays 2PM-6:30PM.  Pay is $20-23/hr, DOE + PTO. You will use your own car while on the job, so must have a reliable vehicle and pristine driving record; gas and mileage compensation provided. They are looking for a positive and upbeat person who is always able to find the silver lining or use humor to dissolve a situation.  They prefer someone who is completely flexible, has no childcare commitments of their own and who can commit to doing overnight as needed; someone who is extremely reliable, punctual, consistent and who loves children.  Looking for someone who is a self-starter who can come up with creative things to do or experience with the kids without having to be told what to do.  The children are so loving, energetic, adventurous and a joy to be around, looking for someone to become a long-term member of their wonderful family!
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Job Locations US-MN-Victoria
VICTORIA, MN- Wonderful family looking for a PART-TIME NANNY for their fun-loving, sweet and energetic Autistic 4-year-old son.  20 hours a week. Days are Weds & Fridays 2:30PM-8:30PM and Thursdays 12:30 PM- 8:30PM. Pay is $30/hr, DOE + Gas & mileage reimbursement for your commute to and from work!  Ideal candidate has had experience with autistic children; has patience, flexibility and understanding of the care that their son requires (i.e.:. picky eater, infrequent tantrums).  They are looking for someone who has the ability to play with him that compliments the work from his treatment program and the ability to use a visual schedule with him.  You will be responsible for all childcare related duties including cooking, laundry and administering medications. They would love for you to be flexible to work a weekend date night and or to travel with them occasionally!  
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Job Locations US-NY-New York
  NEW YORK, NY- HNW family on the Upper East Side looking for a COLLEGE-EDUCATED (must have degree) professional NANNY Mondays and Tuesdays 7AM- 7PM for their 3 year old boy. Responsibilities include: preparing healthy meals and snacks, engaging in age-appropriate educational activities, setting up playdates and outside activities, and doing bath and bedtime routines.  Candidate must be a self-starter and willing to pitch in to help the family as needed when child is in school such as light shopping, meal prep, restocking of children's rooms, gift shopping and wrapping, closet edits etc.  Ability to travel internationally would be preferred.  Ideal candidate is extremely polished, educated, well-spoken and professional; warm, engaging, loving and nurturing.  Someone who is patient and attentive, active and able to keep up with him is imperative!  You will be responsible for all things childcare-related including meal prep and very light housekeeping.  Great nutrition and healthy meals is very important! They are a fully staffed, white-glove household so you must have experience working in this type of environment. Dad has an 11-year-old son, but no care for him required. Pay is Competitive, depending on experience.
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Job Locations US-MN-Excelsior
  EXCELISIOR, MN- SAHM with four boys (ages almost 6, 4, 2 years and 8-months) looking for her right-hand career FULL-TIME NANNY (hours M-F 7:30AM-5PM) looking to stay and grow with a family long-term!  They treat their nannies like family and are looking for their next perfect fit. They want someone who is passionate about childcare; someone who brings their own educated insight/ perspective to the table, has a background in Early Childhood Education and or Education; someone who is observant and thoughtful; resourceful and proactive.  Candidate should be physically able to keep up with three active boys and baby! Must be an excellent driver and comfortable driving in SNOW; pristine driving record. Travel is an option, they would love to be able to take their nanny with them on various family trips. They do have one dog 8-year-old, so must be a dog person (willingness to take out time to time, etc. but no extreme hands-on care required).  They are seeking an energetic, patient, and fun nanny with recent experience caring for three or more young active children.  They desire someone to provide excellent care and guidance for their four sons and be an integrated part of a parenting relationship, and who is comfortable working alongside of a stay at home mom. They are looking for someone who is interested in working with children to foster their intellectual and emotional development, as well as maintaining consistent, loving and firm boundaries. The activities with the children are home-based and focus on at-home and neighborhood play. They live on a lake, so strong swimming skills and vigilant water safety supervision are required. They like to maintain a routine for the children and are looking for someone who is neat can help keep their household tidy!  Pay is $24-28/hr plus overtime, PTO + health coverage. LOCAL CANDIDATES WIll ONLY BE CONSIDERED!     
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Job Locations US-CT-Greenwich
Close-knit family is looking for their next FULL-TIME LIVE-IN NANNY (someone local but willing to live in or who has ties to CT area and moving back) to join their loving, busy, fully-staffed household in February 2020!  They have two precocious, sweet, energetic boys ages 4 and 6 years old. They are open to hiring a candidate looking to relocate from another state as they are looking for the absolute best fit for their family! They are also open to candidates who live in NYC but who will commute to CT and live in with them during the week but go back to the city on the weekends.  Ideal candidate is someone who is extremely patient, nurturing, loving and able to get the boys through the day with grace and patience. Candidate must be able to keep up with two active boys! Candidate must have a driver's license and pristine driving record; they will provide a car for you to use while on the job.    Typical schedule includes a 6:30AM start time- cooking breakfast and navigating/directing the boys (getting dressed, brushing teeth, packing backpacks, etc). Older son is in school full-time (until 3PM) and the youngest until 12PM.  You will help assist with wrangling them after school to various activities, helping with homework projects, iniaiting a craft/ game/ activity, so on and so forth.  Someone who is thinking ahead, keeping inventory on what is needed, ability to order things online (tech savvy), resourceful & creative are all important to this role!  The nanny will have down time throughout the day in which you can utilize to help tidy, make the beds, organize, plan activities, make orders, etc.    You will have your own private bedroom and bath (on same floor as the children and parents).  TV and wifi provided.   They have a three-month-old puppy and would love someone who is comfortable with dogs and willing to take on walks   Ideal candidate is a TEAM PLAYER; has a great attitude and personality. Must be flexible, professional in the sense of knowing boundaries (when to step in and when to step out/ how to continue to do your job when other family members - i.e.: grandparents or aunts/uncles also are around and hands-on.  Family is everything to them so someone who fits in nicely is essential!   They travel a few times a year - Turks & Caicos, Cape Cod, etc and would love for you to join them! Must have a passport.    Your day typically will end around 6/7PM. You are able to use their home gym. Must be a competent swimmer and they swim year round!   Ideal candidate LOVES the outdoors; they have a garden and love to be in nature!  Someone with a background in Early Childhood Education, Child Development is also a plus!  Must be a great multi-tasker, firm but fun and able to keep the boys on task!      
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Job Locations US-CA-Encinitas
ENCINITAS, CA-First time parents are seeking a TEMPORARY NANNY for their NEWBORN baby girl from 9am-4pm Monday-Thursday. Some flexibility is required in the schedule, but overall they are looking for care approx. 30 hours per week. Start date is ASAP and term will end in mid-September, as child will be enrolled in Montessori school. They are looking for someone very experienced with babies; CPR certified; caring, nurturing, and loving; clean and tidy; education-focused. They have housekeepers and an assistant, so duties are primarily childcare. LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY (preferably San Diego or North County). Must have 8+ years of infant care experience. They have two small dogs, so no fears or allergies! 
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Job Locations US-FL-Tampa
OPEN TO ALL US CANDIDATES- TAMPA, FL-Stay at home mom (returning to work next year) is looking for a professional and experienced FULL-TIME LIVE IN OR LIVE OUT HOUSEHOLD MANAGER/NANNY for their 8-month-old baby boy. Hours are from 7:30am-6pm Monday-Friday. The ideal candidate is versed in child development, engaging, has genuine love for children and is open to attachment style parenting and positive reinforcement modeling! Must have INFANT EXPERIENCE! Duties include preparing child's meals, maintaining organization of play areas, infant's laundry, organizing play-dates/infant classes, as well as occasional overnights and travel with the family. Household management duties consist of laundry, shopping, errands, meal prep, light tidying (cleaning surfaces, loading/unloading dishwasher, etc.), scheduling home maintenance and repair services, overseeing service contractors (housekeepers and landscapers), helping to coordinate birthday parties and events hosted by the family.  They have a 20-lb pup who requires minimal care from time to time. The ideal candidate has a trustworthy and responsible character, is an effective communicator, and is a positive role model emulating good manners, social skills and healthy living. Benefits include paid vacation. Start date is ASAP! Pay is commensurate with experience. 
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